30 December 2020

Indonesia Pick Up Sales : 2015-19

She seems proud of her parking effort. I'm not sure why

Protection is strong for the local vehicle industry. To make it you have to assemble locally, which is the way it is done in this region. It makes for a limited choice until the market is big enough to support several operations. It all got too much for Ford, which pulled out a few years back. 

Two model mop up most of the sales, the rest feeding off crumbs that fall to the floor. The Triton does very well, usually selling at a lower price point than immediate competitors. Overall sales are not that high with many locals only dreaming of owning a car or pick-up truck. 

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2019: Australia/New Zealand/South Africa 

2015-19: Belgium Denmark France Iceland Italy Sweden United Kingdom

Argentina Brazil Thailand

2015: World Top 50

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