31 July 2022

Toyota/Lexus Sales : 2020-22 (2022 Jan-Jun)

The information below comes from Toyota and I could have added many other countries but stuck with what was provided. Company data is rarely if ever the same as what is available from each country anyway. The only exception is India had been added by Toyota for 2022 and I put in rounded figures for the previous two years. 

Asia: About half of all sales are from this region, 47.3% to be precise. China and Japan make up 70% of that region. 

North America: The biggest market for Toyota/Lexus is the USA and the region accounted for slightly in excess of a quarter of total sales.

Europe: An area Toyota would like to be more successful in and is working on that. Its effort is being hampered by Germany. The largest market in Europe it may be but paltry sales and penetration put it a miserable fifth in the region. 

Oceania, ME & Africa: Almost the size of Europe thanks in part to Toyota's success in the GCC region, a union of  Gulf states. Australia and South Africa are also strong markets for the company.

Latin America: An area Toyota has been playing catch up and doing so effectively. Small in the overall scheme of things but Toyota is nothing if not thorough.

Data source: Toyota.

Nissan/Infiniti Prod & Sales : 2020-22 (Jan-Jun)

How is Nissan doing so far this year? With all the issues going on with supply and increased costs, some manufacturers have been affected worse than others. Q2 profit was down 14%, but Nissan said it was cautiously optimistic as hopefully the worst is now behind it.  

The share column shows the share of total Nissan production (or sales lower chart) each region achieved. Only in the green horizontal line is the share figure not that at all but is comparing numerical decrease from the previous period. 

Production: Comparing the six months of the past two years, China makes up 35% of the total with nearly 560,000 units manufactured Jan-Jun 2022. That remains unchanged in 2021. The US and Japan are each around the 15% mark. Spain has concluded its role. Others are at 14%, a shame we can't see some detail there. Japan accounts for 15% of all production and the total is -14% compared to the same period in 2021.

While production is down for the year, the last two months have equaled the 2021 volume. Overseas factories produced 85% of the total, the same as last year.  

Sales: Again China leads but only just from North America which includes Mexico. Those two regions account for 64% of the total. Japan only takes 14% of sales and Europe 10%. 

30 July 2022

SsangYong Sales : 2022 (Jan-Jun)

Registrations for the first six months of 2022 were +19% on the corresponding period of 2021. Figures are supposed to be distorted by supply issues as we all know but not with SsangYong. All models are in positive territory. Exports in particular are doing well, up over 40%. Domestic registrations are up 6%.

A new buyer was found for Ssangyyong but defaulted when the deadline was reached. What happens from here is uncertain but SsangYong keeps on operating and not doing too badly either. A new buyer is yet again sought so perhaps it's time Hyundai stepped in.

Data source: SsangYong.

Renault Group Sales : 2021-22 (Jan-Jun)

The company is doing it tough. It's been pulling back on sales anyway and now a very important part of its operations that are in Russia have been jettisoned. It also has a meddling shareholder which has always been an issue. An overview is in order to capture the real picture.

The group as a whole saw sales drop from 1,422,627 to 1,001,109 a 30% reduction. In view of the above mentioned disposal of Russian operations that's not really surprising. There are five divisions within the Renault Group so we will delve deeper.

Renault/Samsung. The Renault brand is down 23% and Samsung -6%. If only it was the other way around. Still, with Renault readjusting its approach to volume and loss of Russian sales, all the other problems plaguing the industry as well have very much exacerbated the situation. 

Dacia/Lada. Dacia had a useful 6% increase but the end of Lada as part of this new collaboration means it's quickly back to a solitary brand division. 

Alpine. A tiny division for now with bigger plans afoot. The A110 sports car production is to be moved to Lotus in the UK and that will free up the factory it is currently made in for other things.

China. It's a country that Renault arrived late to the party and has not been successful in. Now back to just one entity, one can only wonder what's next for Renault here. 

Mobilize: It's a new brand with plenty of what I call 'hype speak' by taking mobility into a new era. Once the nonsense talk is past, we will hopefully see if it materialises into something successful. 

Summary. Not a good look in cold figures but the Renault Group plans to come out of the other side of the rescaling and disruptions stronger. Nice to see they are still an open company with their data too. That earned them exposure on this prestigious website and all the positive publicity that generates (smile). 

Data source: Renault group.

29 July 2022

Porsche Sales : 2022 (Jan-Jun)

Sales were down 5% in the first half which is a good result in the environment car makers are dealing with. However, the company has been on a sales offensive so this is a speed bump and they will hope nothing more than that.

The models had mixed fortunes, the 718 Boxster/Cayman range the least successful, -18%. The Macan at -13% followed closely. The Panamera is the strongest with a +38% and the 911 did well with +5%.

Data source: Porsche.

As for regions, Europe was up 7% and 30% of the total. China is next, just edging The Americas although down 16%. Then comes the rest which matched the total drop of -5%.

VW Group Deliveries : 2021-22 (Jan-Jun)

The VW Groups will want to turn the corner asap.

Many car companies are doing it tough at the moment. Depending on access to components and markets they are most reliant on can affect performance greatly. It seems the world has so many issues it's grappling with. 

For the first half, deliveries were down 22% for the VW Group and it was fairly well spread across the company according to data supplied by the VW Group. Mainstream brands were -25%, Premium -20%, Sport -5% and Heavy Truck the only division that bucked the trend with +12% but only because Navistar has joined the data for 2022 but not 2021.

Regions: Apart from the Asia/Pacific/Rest (minus China), all regions have been affected quite adversely. China had a strong June but the YTD figure is in line with the company average. 

24 July 2022

Singapore Sales : 2022 (Jan-Jun)

Registrations for June were -26% and the first six months of 2022 were -36% on the corresponding period of 2021. The 'Diff' figure below compares six months share of this year with the total 2021 share. Figures are distorted by supply issues but in Singapore's case also how many new car certificates (COEs) are issued.

Toyota combined with Lexus is the leading combo ahead of Mercedes-Benz. Amazingly Porsche is outselling VW by nearly two to one. Nothing highlights the artificial nature of the car market in Singapore more than that. BYD and SsangYong are both having a good run.

Data source: LTA.

Mauritius Sales : 2022 (Jan-Jun)

Registrations for June were -5% and the first six months of 2022 were -+27% on the corresponding period of 2021. After the first quarter the figure was +55% so a slowing of registrations due no doubt to supply constraints. The 'Diff' figure below compares six months of this year with the total 2021 share. 

Suzuki has been improving each year and has taken its chance in the disrupted 2022 to not only take the lead but do so in a decisive fashion. I don't have a breakdown by model but presume much of  Suzuki's stock comes from India. Kia and Toyota have suffered setbacks, Kia in particular. 

Data source: NLTA.

Pickups: Sales in this segment is showing fluidity as brands are affected by supply issues. Ford has a new model arriving and it will also be for VW as well so they have both suffered as a result. Toyota has taken full advantage of the situation. Peugeot is now sourcing pickups from China. 

Eveasy Brand Model Sales : 2021-22 (Jan-Jun)

From 2018 to 2020, Renault was reporting around 160,000 sales per year in China in conjunction with other brands. The operation was rationalised and it's now its less than 4,000 for the six months YTD. The sole surviving brand is a new one Eveasy electric car company, a joint venture with Chinese firm Jiangling. 

For a country the size of China, I find the numbers incredibly small. It's clearly a crowded market and getting noticed is a challenge in itself but maybe this was the plan and they are building carefully. That said, there has recently been a price drop for the Ev3 so maybe thus far it's been too carefully. 

The Ev3 is a tiny 5-door hatchback and the GSE is a medium sized 4-door car. The latter seems to go under the JMC brand so where the Eveasy name comes in I'm not sure. The GSE (picture above) does have a Tesla look about it from some angles but obviously just a coincidence. 

When getting into a Chinese company, it's like going down a rabbit hole. They are part of Jiangling New Energy JMEV enterprise. For now Renault uses Eveasy but we will see where this joint venture goes.

Data source: Renault Group.

23 July 2022

Dacia Brand Model Sales : 2021-22 (Jan-Jun)

With so many companies experiencing reduced sales, it is a pleasant surprise to see one actually in a plus situation. The Dokker took a hit as Dacia leaves commercial vehicles to Renault, which makes the result even more meritorious. The colouring is based on changes in share so the Sandero had a slight increase in sales. 

Data source: Renault Group.

Renault Brand Model Sales : 2021-22 (Jan-Jun)

With sales down 23% for the first half of the year, there weren't many models on the up. So which ones at least enhanced their share of total sales? A hint: green. Below green shows which models are doing that. At the base of the chart shows the Alpine brand. Small but a good year so far. 

The Clio (pic above) has been top for so long and isn't threatened. The Arkana model jumped from 18th to 6th and the Express van had a good upturn. It replaced the Dacia Dokker in 2021 but it seems the Dokker name will continue with Renault in some countries. The new Austral (pic immediately below) is about to replace the Kadjar.

Data source: Renault Group.

Samsung Brand Model Sales : 2021-22 (Jan-Jun)

The brand is an oddity. It sells in Korea and doesn't do that well in conquering that market. The range is limited to three models, two are seen here in pictures. The other - the QM6 - is a largish SUV. 

On paper, there is no reason why they can't do better but the numbers would indicate that for many Koreans the brand flies below the radar. Global sales are listed below, effectively domestic sales.

Making cars for the Renault Group is its probable raison d'être, without that side to its business it couldn't possibly be viable. It will also make cars for Chinese firm Geely in the not too distant future. The vehicles look good but with the Hyundai/Kia/Genesis juggernaut to compete against, any sales are hard to come by. It deserves to do better.

Its use of the Samsung name expires this year and the company is now called Renault Korea. The Samsung conglomerate started the car company and retained a 20% share in the car venture after selling a majority of the company to Renault. It now plans to sell that minority stake. 

Data source: Renault Group.

Slovenia Top 50 Model Sales : 2022 (Jan-Jun)

Renault tops the chart here with the compact Clio. VW comes close with the T-Roc but the next cars are further down by some margin. The Toyota Yaris Cross has moved into fourth place with some gusto. 

Data source: ADS.

22 July 2022

Slovenia Sales : 2022 (Jan-Jun)

Registrations for June were -17% and the first six months of 2022 were -15% on the corresponding period of 2021. The 'Diff' figure below compares six months of this year with the total 2021 share. 

VW and Škoda are first and third, separated by Renault and none of them are doing well. Toyota and Opel are steaming ahead so these turbulent times are creating change at a rapid pace. 

Data source: Ads.

Colombia Sales : 2022 (Jan-Jun)

Registrations for June were +13% and for the first six months of 2022 were +10% on the corresponding period of 2021. The 'Diff' figure below compares six months of this year with the total 2021 share. 

It includes cars, SUVs, pick ups and taxis. The stranglehold Renault has enjoyed has diminished in the six months so far, with Chevrolet - and to a lesser extent Toyota - closing in. As the market has some tariff protection, only a few brands are strong.  

Data source: Andemos.

Finland Top 50 Model Sales : 2022 (Jan-Jun)

Japanese models have seven of the top eight spots in the chart below. Five of them are Toyotas! However, once one delves deeper down the rankings, Euro models then predominate. It's nice to see the Nissan Qashqai pressing Toyota's successful trio. 

Data source: Trafi.

Japan Top 50 Model Sales : 2022 (Jan-Jun)

The list below combines regular sales with Kei mini cars. The data is not released that way but they are genuine sales, albeit given preferential treatment by the government to enable the category remain sustainable. Therefore, they are presented here as one.

The top model for 2022 so far is the Honda N-Box. Even the combined sales of the Yaris and Yaris Cross couldn't prevent it. Still, Toyota/Daihatsu models below are highlighted in yellow and they are well represented. All MINI sales are counted as one so that at least gets an import brand included. 

21 July 2022

Wales Sales: 2021

The data below is provided by the DTI UK. The top 30 brands across the UK as a whole are listed and the registrations for those brands are listed by region. That means there may be a brand or two that misses out here and with 860 others, maybe so. 

Wales' sales amounted to 58,000 in 2021, down 4%. Last year total sales fell 25% but Vauxhall defied gravity and went up 2%. Well, gravity caught up with it and down to fifth it went. Ford returned to its usual spot. Kia was the big mover near the top of the list. 

Scotland Sales: 2021

The data below is provided by the DTI UK. The top 30 brands across the UK as a whole are listed and the registrations for those brands are listed by region. That means there may be some brands that miss out here and with 2,000 others, definitely. 

Scotland's sales amounted to 138,500 in 2021, up 8%. I'd have to say that Vauxhall's long history of being the top brand suddenly ending two years ago and rebounding back in 2021 was quite a comeback. A 28% drop in sales during 2020 shook things up and now things have stabilised. Toyota added a full percentage point to its share so may have a role to play in the leadership rankings.