30 December 2020

Brazil Pick Up Sales : 2015-19

The Brazil market for pick-up trucks favours small units. This is well catered for by European marques, with Fiat and VW especially benefitting. They are based on on small cars which helps to keep them cost effective. As examples the Fiat Strada was from the Palio model (now on a new, dedicated platform for 2021), the VW Saveiro on the Gol and the Chevrolet Montana from the Corsa. 

The small utes have been losing out to their larger counterparts of late, with afore mentioned Strada, Saveiro and Montana all down the past five years. 

The Fiat Toro Hilux leads the mid-sized brigade, from the Hilux and the Chevrolet Colorado, which has losing a bit of ground over the past few years. 

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2019: Australia/New Zealand/South Africa 

2015-19: Belgium Denmark France Iceland Italy Sweden United Kingdom

Argentina Indonesia Thailand

2015: World Top 50

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