10 May 2020

Belgium Pick Up Sales : 2015-19

While not a huge class of vehicle in Belgium, it is certainly a growing one. In some countries, they are the best selling models but not in Europe and never will be. So which models do best here?

It really is a case of the Ford Ranger first, daylight second. Such is the gap between it and the chasing pack. The Amarok manages to edge a Japanese trio but you could throw a blanket over all four of them, such is the closeness of the registration figures.

Belgium Pick-Up Sales

Make Model 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015

Ford Ranger 2,154 2,124 2,010 1,782 1,186

VW Amarok 790 858 897 589 547

Toyota Hilux 773 789 841 844 885

Nissan Navara 770 870 1,033 914 409

Mitsubishi Triton 748 971 981 706 614

Mercedes X-Class 487 375 46 - -

Isuzu D-Max 406 369 380 595 577

Fiat Fullback 86 161 253 106 -

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2019: Australia/New Zealand/South Africa 

2015-19: Belgium Denmark France Iceland Italy Sweden United Kingdom

Argentina Brazil Indonesia Thailand

2015: World Top 50


  1. The reason for the low sales is that these cars are unfit for anything. Not practical from any point of view.

    To be honest this segment was artificially inflated by the US chicken tax. Without it, sales would be about as marginal as that of the Excavators (or Sales of Kei cars in the US).

  2. In NZ, they are the top selling models and are everywhere on the roads. Apart from trades people, private owners view them as recreational vehicles. The tray at the rear is not that big unless you buy a huge one. To me they reflect the excess that modern society wallows in.