30 July 2023

Indonesia Vehicle Sales : 2023 (Jan-Jun)

The brands below are the ones that are affiliated with Gaikindo which most including the big players. As is the case with Asia, Toyota is miles ahead with its subsidiary Daihatsu comfortably ensconced in second place. Together they command over half the vehicle market. 

The 'Diff' column shows market share change, comparing half of 2023 with a full 2022. 

Data source: Gaikindo. 

29 July 2023

UK Vehicle Production : 2023 (Jan-Jun)

UK vehicle manufacturing is currently steady. Manufacturers have exited and no new ones have replaced them for some time now. Most vehicles are exported which keeps the plants viable. More local support would help but a concerted will to do so simply isn't there.

Car: Q1 production for domestic consumption is 90,200 (+4.5%) and exports increased to 359,000 (+13.6%). The total figure was 450,200, an increase of 11.7%. Only 9.5% of UK sales were met with locally made vehicles, the second lowest since 1946 when my records start. Presumably, the second lowest since UK car manufacturing began. The lowest was in 2021. 

Of the 450,200 cars made, Nissan's contribution was 158,600 and Toyota's 54,900. Those figures are generously provided by the manufacturers themselves and it's just short of half of the total. Nissan makes the Qashqai, Juke and Leaf. Toyota the Corolla hatch and wagon. Toyota needs another model to better utilise the factory. 

Data source: SMMT.

Commercial Vehicle:
Q1 production for the local market was  20,900 units (+0.5%), exports were 37,800 (+13.6%) and combined 58,900 (+11.7%). After hitting a low point in 2020, CV production lifted and I assume Ellesmere Port van production will give it a further boost. 

Combined: Domestic production was +3.7% to 111,100 while export was +14.8% to 397,700. In total, 508,800 vehicles were made (+12.1%). the totals could and should be better but it is for now moving in the right direction. Mind you, most production around the world is. 

Vietnam Vehicle Sales : 2023 (Jan-Jun)

June sales were up 8% but down 31% YTD. A sign of a turnaround? There is an import duty here like in Asian vehicle manufacturing countries but understandable here when it's getting on its feet. The 'Diff' column shows market share change, comparing half of 2023 with a full 2022. 

The total figure is for what is listed. I have seen a figure for all the market but it seemed too high. Premium marques rarely publish figures for Vietnam so their anonymity is assured. Hyundai and Toyota lead with a drop back to a solid chasing pack. 

Data source: Mainly VAMA.

For the top ten models:

28 July 2023

Taiwan Top 50 Car/LCV Models : 2023 (Jan-Jun)

It's a reasonably accurate list and gives a nice picture of cars and LCVs that sell in Taiwan. Asian brands are the most popular and the ones usually assembled here. Ford has an assembly plant and that helps the Blue Oval have a couple nearer the top of the list. 

The Toyota Corolla Cross (pictured above) is the runaway leader with over 17,000 sales. The first model for a brand from outside of Asia is the Ford Focus (bottom picture) at 7th. Further down the European marques start to appear. They are generally premium as Taiwan is prosperous and many can afford to treat themselves to something a bit special. 

Taiwan Car/LCV Sales : 2023 (Jan-Jun)

I have been reluctant to put out data for Taiwan because the source by their own admission is a little uncertain. However, it's close enough to paint a reasonable picture so it makes the cut. I presume the largish number of 'Others' is mainly due to heavy vehicles.  

June sales were the same as last year while YTD was up 16%. Imported vehicles accounted for 48% of registrations YTD and 53% in June. There is an import duty here but it still allows a reasonable amount of choice, unlike many Asian countries.

The 'Diff' column shows market share change, comparing half of 2023 with a full 2022. Toyota is king with 25.5% share, down slightly on the full 2022 calendar year. Lexus has gone ballistic and jumped to second place and the top selling premium brand, passing Mercedes-Benz. 

Argentina Top 40 Car/LCV Sales : 2023 (Jan-Jun)

The Fiat Cronos is very popular here, well ahead of the rest. True, The Peugeot 208 does well but is not a threat to what's just above it despite an impressive uplift in sales. The Toyota Hilux, VW Amarok and Ford Ranger show that pick up trucks are a popular form of transport here.  

Data source: SIOMAA.

27 July 2023

Philippines Vehicle Sales : 2023 (Jan-Jun)

The top brands were Toyota, Toyota and Toyota. It seems like that anyway. It's a protected market but which ones aren't in some way in Asia, if they manufacture? Therefore, few brands sell in volume. 

The data comes from CAMPI and brands not affiliated with it are missing. The main one would be MG but I can't just take a guess without something to base it on at least. The distribution of that brand in the Philippines is in the process of being taken over by MG. Just over 8,800 MGs were sold here last year.

CAMPI sales were up 31% for the YTD. The 'Diff' column shows market share change, comparing half of 2023 with a full 2022. 

NZ Fuel Type Sales : 2023 (Jan-Jun)

New Zealand introduced a clean car scheme where cars attract rebates or fees according to their emissions or lack of. Some in the middle of the spectrum attracted neither. Ideally, it was supposed to pay for itself but in reality it wasn't balancing ingoings with outgoings. Not by a long way. 

Considering electric and hybrid sales haven't been exceptional, I don't know why it wasn't possible to calibrate things to get close to or be neutral. While promoted as a success, the scheme has been realigned (scaled back) as of July 1st, 2023 so that the deficit can be reduced or even better, break even. Is the cost worth the trouble? 

Clear progress is evident in 2023 but how will the cut back in incentives and greater charges for CO2 emitters affect sales here on in? NZ had reduced its fossil fuel tax to assist in keeping inflation in check but that has also ended, so perhaps another incentive for non ICE vehicles. 

So far this year petrol takes 33% of sales, diesel 33% hybrid 22.5% and electric 11%. ICE vehicles 66% and hybrid/electric 34%. The percentages would be less for the non-ICE vehicles without rebates and so authorities seem happy with the result. 

For many however, ICE vehicles are not what they need and / or want so they will still sell in goodly numbers. If electric will not work for them, there are hybrids but it takes years to break even due to the initial extra cost. I'd pick the pendulum will continue to swing in favour of electic / hybrid but the pace won't accelerate as they simply won't work out as suitable for everyone.

For those interested in electric only sales by brand for the first six months of 2023, see below.

Data source: MIA.

Argentina Car/LCV Sales : 2023 (Jan-Jun)

Registrations were up 13% in June and 13% for the year to date as well. Toyota holds a comfortable lead here although the top four have lost some market share. Ford went past Chevrolet and Audi is having a good run byt there isn't that much change overall. Chinese brands have been plying their trade for a while now but making little headway. 

The 'Diff' column shows market share change, comparing half of 2023 with a full 2022. 

Data source: SIOMAA.

26 July 2023

Europe Top 40 Passenger Car Models : 2023 (Jan-Jun)

From 2008 to 2021 the VW Golf was the best selling car in the region. That's fourteen consecutive years. Then the Peugeot 208 was top in 2022. The Golf suddenly fell to fifth despite its huge popularity in Europe's biggest market, Germany. What's happening in 2023? 

The Tesla Y is the best selling model in Europe in 2023..so far. I don't think many doubt it will still be so come the end of the year. The Dacia Sandero (pictured above) is next and I think that is fantastic. A brand that trades on value rather than tons of features many don't want or need anyway. I hope Dacia continues to prosper on what I call its 'get real' strategy. 

VW is the largest brand in Europe but third is its best place in can manage with the T-Roc and 107,000 sales. The Opel Corsa (picture at the base of the article) is next with 102,000 registrations. And where is the perennial leader in Germany, the VW Golf? Ninth so far.  

Data source: Automotive News Europe. 

Romania Passenger Car Sales : 2023 (Jan-Jun)

Dacia is an ancient tribal kingdom based around modern day Romania. Today we have a car brand of that name, owned by Renault that is based in Romania. Unsurprisingly, the brand does very well here, commanding 34% of the market. In 2022 it was 31% and the last time it was higher than 2023 was way back in 2006. 

Registrations were up 25% for the year to date. Renault leaped into second place while the biggest losers at the business end of the chart below were Ford and Peugeot. There is still plenty of time for all of this to change in these fluctuating times.  

The 'Diff' column shows market share change, comparing half of 2023 with a full 2022. The top ten models are at the very base of the article. Dacia holds the top five places.

Data source: APIA.

For the top ten models, the first five are for you know who. I think it's good a local product is strong in its home market. It makes sense for the economy and the shorter distance from the assembly plant to the customer is more efficient.

Liechtenstein Passenger Car Sales : 2023 (Jan-Jun)

Registrations were up 23% in June and +17% YTD. The numbers are tiny but so is the population. It's nice they are open with their data, an example some other countries should try to emulate. The 'Diff' column shows market share change, comparing half of 2023 with a full 2022.   

This market is similar to Luxembourg albeit on a smaller scale and I suppose that shouldn't be a surprise. The top four are comfotably ahead of the rest with premium marques doing well. Then a sizable gap to the rest. 

Data source: Liechtensteinische Landesverwaltung.

Bosnia-Herzegovina Passenger Car Sales : 2023 (Jan-Jun)

Registrations for June were +12% and for the year so far up by 28%. Škoda has almost one in four sales, the best percentage going back to at least two decades when my data runs out. Pictured above are two Škodas with the message "Roads are not borders for them". Big call. 

Toyota nearly maintains its share but most in the top ten from 2022 lost market share. There aren't many brands here but it isn't a big market. Besides, in many countries, there is too much choice anyway. 

The 'Diff' column shows market share change, comparing half of 2023 with a full 2022.   

There is a bonus top 25 model sales list below. 

25 July 2023

Slovakia Top 40 Passenger Car Models : 2023 (Jan-Jun)

The top ten is the Škoda - Hyundai/Kia show with a cameo appearance from Toyota. The Kia Cee'd includes the Proceed wagon variant and as it's made here not surprising it does well. Mind you, many cars are made here. In fact, it makes more cars per capita than any other country in the world.