27 July 2023

South Africa Top 40 Car/PU Models : 2023 (Jan-Jun)

The RSA is a Toyota stronghold. It's based around - but by no means totally reliant on - the Hilux. The Ford Ranger comes next before the Corolla Cross and Isuzu D-Max pickup trucks or bakkies as they are called here. VW gets a couple of entries in the top ten, the older version Polo and the newer one. Renault has used Dacia sourced models and some others from India with success.

20 July 2023

South Africa Car/LCV Sales : 2023 (Jan-Jun)

For passenger cars and light commercials, sales were +1% in June but-1% for the YTD. Not much change there but increasing interest rates are likely to keep things subdued, depending on how that pans out for the year. The 'Diff' column shows market share change, comparing half of 2023 with a full 2022. 

Toyota is well out in front, with share up a full 1.2%. VW regressed with 1.5% share surrendered so is losing ground to the leader. Suzuki was up a half a percent in market share so it is getting closer to the second spot. 

Chinese brands aren't that common, Haval and GWM settled and Chery has arrived with immediate success. After a failed previous attempt, it should do better this time around but here that takes the brand will be interesting. It is already in the top ten. 

Getting sales statistics from the RSA isn't easy and this is as close as I can get it. A few premium marques don't report sales so they are missing due to their choice. 

14 July 2023

NZ Top 30 Car/LCV Sales : 2023 (Jan-Jun)

Ford was short of stock for the new Ranger but its tenth year of outselling the Toyota Hilux looks likely. The Suzuki Swift has been a strong selling car for years here and it's currently the top selling car. The BYD Atto only arrived here last year but is already doing well. Electric models seem to break down brand loyalties, presumably because no electric cars have a long history to instill particular brand confidence. The Land Rover Defender is selling well here.