30 April 2022

Bosnia-Herzegovina Sales : 2022 (Jan-Mar)

Registrations for March were +16% and the first three months of 2022 were +14% on the corresponding period of 2021. The 'Diff' figure compares three months of this year with the total 2021 share. Škoda and VW have been the top two brands (in that order) for many years and continued that tradition. However, the margin slipped in 2022.

VW Group Deliveries : 2021-22 (Jan-Mar)


The VW Groups will want to turn the corner asap.

Many car companies are doing it tough at the moment. Depending on access to components and markets they are most reliant on can affect performance greatly. It seems the world has so many issues it's grappling with. 

For the first quarter, deliveries were down 22% for the VW Group and it was fairly well spread across the company according to data supplied by the VW Group. Mainstream brands were -25%, Premium -17%, Sport -5% and Heavy Truck the only division that bucked the trend with +12%.

Regions: Apart from the Asia/Pacific/Rest (minus China), all regions have been affected quite adversely. 

29 April 2022

Australia Top Model Sales : 2022 (Jan-Mar)

The Toyota Hilux pickup is an institution here and knocking it off its perch isn't likely to happen. The Ford Ranger has been giving it a fair shake but with a new model arriving it seems stock is limited, No such problem for Mitsubishi with its Triton (L200) pickup. It went to number one in NZ and went up seven placings to second here.

Otherwise, Asian brands are overwhelmingly popular. MG's European heritage gives it a different colour. Tesla is now being open with it figures which is a welcome departure from its usual stance. The 2021 ranking figure is for the full year.

USA Top Model Sales : 2022 (Jan-Mar)

The large pickup reigns supreme on the best selling list. It is rather close at the top but supply will no doubt be playing a part in all this. The US dominates the pickup segment, fight in the SUV arena but waved the white flag when it comes to passenger cars. USA brands are purple, Asian yellow and...that's it. European marques are mainly confined to the premium level. 

28 April 2022

Korea Top Model Sales : 2022 (Jan-Mar)

The Lexus ES didn't make the list with just over 1,200 sold

The surprise may be that a Genesis model was not far off the top spot. My assumption is with the chip shortage, Hyundai and Kia have prioritised exports knowing that the domestic market is all but off limits to mainstream competition due to tariffs. They won't lose sales if domestic delivery times are extended. On the other hand, premium marques are less affected by import duty so the Genesis brand is also being pushed to counter them. If this is so, then it isn't the surprise it would be otherwise. 

Chevrolet makes cars here but few find homes in Korea. None can make this list anyway and by a sizable distance. At least SsangYong and Samsung each slipped one model in. If I was to describe the Korean market, it would be the Hyundai/Genesis and Kia show.  

Below yellow is Korean brands and all others aqua. As already mentioned, imports are limited due to import tariffs and other factors. Japanese brands are increasingly marginalised in case you're wondering where they are. I don't have data for Tesla. The '21 column is the ranking for the whole of that year.

Japan Top Model Sales : 2022 (Jan-Mar)

The Honda N-Box beat the Toyota Yaris/Cross combo into the top spot. There is possibly a stock shortage that created such a seismic shift in fortune. Still, Toyota is still the main brand even if it has lost bragging rights as the best selling model. Mind you, I think the Yaris and Yaris Cross should be separated anyway.

Below yellow is Toyota and Daihatsu, all others aqua. Import brands are nowhere to be seen. The '21 column is the ranking for the whole of that year.

27 April 2022

Samsung Brand Model Sales : 2021-22 (Jan-Mar)

The brand is an oddity. It sells in Korea and doesn't do that well in conquering that market. The range is limited to three models, two are seen here. The other - the QM6 - is a largish SUV. On paper, there is no reason why they can't do better but the numbers would indicate that for many Koreans the brand flies below the radar. 

Making cars for the Renault Group is its probable raison d'être, without that side to its business it couldn't possibly be viable. It will also make cars for Chinese firm Geely in the not too distant future. The vehicles look good but with the Hyundai/Kia/Genesis juggernaut to compete against any sales are hard to come by. It deserves to do better.

Its use of the Samsung name expires this year and the company is now called Renault Korea. The Samsung conglomerate started the car company and retained a 20% share in the car venture after selling a majority of the company to Renault. It now plans to sell that minority stake. 

Data source: Renault Group.

India Top Model Sales : 2022 (Jan-Mar)

Tata is adding some punch to its range

Suzuki got in early, established a reputation for cheap, reliable motoring and have a virtual stranglehold on the market. Hyundai is also a serious player here and local company Tata has lifted its game with some technical and design help from JLR.  Another local brand Mahindra has achieved success with its range of SUVs and 4wd vehicles. 

In the chart below, the colour yellow represents Asian brands and....that's it. The 21 column shows the ranking for the whole of that year. 

26 April 2022

Dacia Brand Model Sales : 2021-22 (Jan-Mar)

With so many companies experiencing reduced sales, it was a pleasant surprise to see one actually in a plus situation. The Dokker took a hit as Dacia leaves commercial vehicles to Renault which makes the result even more meritorious. The colouring is based on changes in share so the Sandero had a 6% increase in sales. 

Data source: Renault Group.

NZ Top Model Sales : 2022 (Jan-Mar)

NZ's obsession with pickup trucks was only heightened with a tax on vehicles with higher emissions and rebates for ones that are less so, especially electric. Five of the top seven selling vehicles were high emission utility types and probably getting enough stock was the biggest issue. 

The Ford Ranger is always at the top but this occurred with a model changeover which wasn't the best timing for them. So Mitsubishi's Triton - which isn't the most preferred ute here - seemed to have got the stock and made a unique appearance at the top of the list. Another to benefit was the Isuzu D-Max. 

Tesla got to fifth with its Model 3 and MG is offering strong value and a long warranty to boot. The Toyota Corolla has been an NZ favourite for many decades but isn't even on the chart. In the chart below, the colour yellow represents brands associated with Asia, purple the USA and aqua Europe. The '21 column shows the ranking for the whole of that year. 

25 April 2022

Lada Brand Model Sales : 2021-22 (Jan-Mar)

The numbers don't lie. With an uncharacteristic 56% fall in sales in March and -33% YTD, things aren't going well in Russia for Lada. Along with all the other problems in the industry, Russia has another with a war going on. 

I coloured the chart to show which models increased their share of sales. It was the two 4wd models that lifted along with the utility Largus. Depending on how long issues persist, it's impossible to know when things will improve for the local brand. 

Data source: Renault Group.

Lamborghini Model Production : 2020-21

As a marque that goes head to head with Ferrari, it has to have a point of difference to be relevant. For me, it's a more flamboyant, ostentatious style that defines it and gives that unique appeal. It's not something I'd ever go for but some do.

Production dropped 16% in 2020 and lifted 15% in 2021 so a nice turn around although not quite up to the record 2019 year. The Urus SUV accounts for two thirds of production. The flagship sports car the Aventador is down to under 8%. 

Regional deliveries are put under Audi's figures by the VW Group. Lamborghini independently reported 3,250 sales in EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa), 2,915 in the Americas and 2,240 in the Asia/Pacific region. 

Data source: VW Group.

24 April 2022

Renault Brand Model Sales : 2021-22 (Jan-Mar)

With sales down 20% for the quarter, there weren't many models on the up. So which ones at least enhanced their share of total sales? A hint: green. Below green shows which models are doing that. At the base of the chart shows the Alpine brand. Small but a good year so far. 

The Clio has been top for so long and isn't threatened. The Arkana model jumped from 18th to 5th and the Express van had a good upturn. It replaced the Dacia Dokker in 2021 but it seems the Dokker name will continue with Renault in some countries.   

Data source: Renault Group.

Liechtenstein : 2022 (Jan-Mar)

Markets don't get much smaller than this. It's nice they openly share data and if I know about it it is published here. German marques are always popular in German language regions and here is no exception. Being so small, even a few sales and positions can soon change.  

Data source: Liechtensteinische Landesverwaltung.

23 April 2022

Renault Group Sales : 2021-22 (Jan-Mar)

The company is doing it tough. It's been pulling back on sales anyway and now a very important part of its operations that are in Russia have become problematic. It also has a meddling shareholder which has always been an issue. An overview is in order to capture the real picture.

The group as a whole saw sales drop from 665,000 to 552,000, a 17% reduction. In view of the above mentioned challenges not really surprising. There are four divisions within the Renault Group so we will delve deeper.

Renault/Samsung. The Renault brand is down 20% and Samsung just 2%. If only it was the other way around. Still, Renault is readjusting its volume and the other problems plaguing the industry have very much exacerbated the situation. 

Dacia/Lada. The former had a useful 6% increase but a 33% drop for the latter has more than undermined any benefit Dacia provided. Combined, the division was down 11%. Lada is facing a rocky road so there won't be any quick turnaround there. 

Alpine. A tiny division for now with bigger plans afoot. There is talk of the A110 sports car production being moved to Lotus in the UK to free up the factory it is currently made in.

China. It's a country that Renault arrived late to the party and has not been successful in. Sales for this quarter are down 75% and the scale is infinitesimal compared to the market as a whole. 

Summary. Not a good look in cold figures but the Renault Group plans to come out of the other side of the rescaling and disruptions stronger. Nice to see they are still an open company with their data too. That earned them exposure on this prestigious website and all the positive publicity that generates (smile). 

Data source: Renault group.

VW LCV Global Model Production : 2020-21

Probably an area of the market that flies under the radar as private buyers are obviously not generally considering purchasing them. However, an important part of VW's operations. The Transporter T6 is the mainstay of the LCV division. VW moved the Saveiro light pickup over to passenger cars a few years back but I have kept it here.

Data source: VW Group.

Regional deliveries: Europe is the main region for LCVs. My stubborness in keeping the Saviero in the category saves it from being even more one sided. I would have expected this division to be less reliant on Europe. 

22 April 2022

Ecuador Sales : 2021

I don't usually do data for here as it isn't quite as many brands are not revealed but they only represent 1.6% of the total. Sales were up 39%. The +/- Diff column in the chart below shows which brands increased or decreased their share, so many that had increases in sales will show a negative result below. 

Chevrolet is comfortably in charge, with Kia taking a knock in market share. Chery arrested a gradual slide in a decisive manner. Chinese generally brands did well.

Data source: Aeade.

Bentley Model Production : 2020-21

Bentley had a cracking year with production volume up 38%. The Mulsanne may have retired but demand produced a record year. That helped profit along as well. The Bentayga took 40% of the total, the Continental a third and the Flying Spur just over a quarter. 

Data source: VW group.

Regional deliveries:
There is a fairly even spread of deliveries across Asia/Pacific, Europe and North America. They all enjoyed healthy increases too.  

21 April 2022

Audi Plant Production : 2019-21

If asked where are Audi cars made, how would respond? Germany obviously. The UK as they sell so many there, especially around the London Home Counties. Wrong. The USA? Wrong again. We can pass on the guessing as the data is below.

Nearly 40% are made in China, in five facilities no less. In fact, Changchun is the most prolific plant within the company. Next is Germany with 29%, in three plants and Ingolstadt is the largest as well as the headquarters of Audi. 

After that, it's individual plants in seven other countries. Brazil closed in 2020 and with the size of the output, better to import built up cars. India remains despite its limited size but I believe more assembly rather than production.   

Data source: Audi.

Škoda Global Model Production : 2020-21

Production was down 24% in 2020 and a further 15% in 2021. Profit was up so that's something to smile about. The Scala model passed the Octavia which has now had two years of substantial falls. A new model last year and another this year has expanded the range nicely. 

Data source: VW Group.

Regional deliveries: Europe is the epicentre of Škoda's sales and just got more so. China had a major reduction in units delivered and that impacted on overall volumes. 

20 April 2022

Porsche Sales : 2022 (Jan-Mar)

Sales were down 5% in the first quarter which is a good result in the environment car makers are dealing with. However, the company has been on a sales offensive so this is a speed bump and they will hope nothing more than that.

Porsche only break down the world into three regions. Europe is up 18% and a third of the total. The Americas were down 19%, with the largest country the USA -25% and 13,042. 

Then comes the rest, 45% of the brand sales for the quarter in 2021 but three percentage points down this time around. China is the big one and sales there were down 10% to 17,685.

The models had mixed fortunes, the 718 Boxster/Cayman range the least successful, -27%. The Panamera is the strongest with a +38%. 

Data source: Porsche.