24 January 2021

France Premium Comparison : 2018-20

The MINI is a very important marque for the BMW Group and In France it keeps the group well ahead of Mercedes. JLR and Alfa Romeo are fast becoming a marginal brands here. This contrasts with Lexus and Porsche which are both small selling but are at least slowly inching their way to improved market share. 

Data source: CCFA.

Romania Car Sales : 2020

Registrations here were up the last four months of the year, including +16% in December. The full year wasn't so charitable, with a -21% but not bad all things considered. The local hero is of course Dacia, with sales down but market share slightly up. An amazing result for the brand to have such success but being the local brand obviously helps.

The fugures here are slightly different to another agency APIA. I didn't use APIA because they included some LCVs but for 2020, they have redefined classifications. Now they are stricter than the source I'm using which does include some vans but they may be PC vans. Either way, I've stuck with the incumbent supplier of data. 

Data source: DRVCIP.

23 January 2021

Israel Premium Comparison : 2018-20

 Mercedes had a good year in Israel, while Audi and particularly BMW went south. Volvo, JLR and Cadillac would be satisfied with the results they achieved.  

Data source: Israel Vehicle Importers Association.