04 August 2022

Europe Top 50 : 2022 (Jan-Jun)

The VW Golf has been knocked off its perch as the leading model. Of course, there are still six months for that to be rectified. While the Golf is a good car, its Euro success has been based on extreme German loyalty and as the largest market in the region, that carries much weight.

It's been replaced by the Peugeot 208, no doubt reliant on local support too but not on the same scale. Meanwhile, the Dacia Sandero is from Romania and that relies on exports for most of its popularity so a well received model across Europe. 

Stellantis' Opel Vauxhall Corse is fourth and up four places too. The Ford Puma has moved into the top ten but the Renault Clio has fallen from second to fourteenth. Tesla now has two models in the top 50 but that may not last as the 3 is on a slide. 

Data source: JATO Dynamics.

UK CV Production : 2013-22 (Jan-Jun)

For the first six months of the year, the production of commercial vehicles in the UK is the best going back to 2013. What's not to like? Well, the fact that historically, the volume is poor. Going back to 1945, 122,500 units were made and it grew from there. The peak was 1969, when nearly 466,000 cvs were made. 2009 was a shocker but after a slight improvement, 2020 heralded a low point. Now the numbers are returning. 

Stellantis has made a commitment to van production in the UK although car manufacturing for the firm is going altogether. That is no doubt helping but without a breakdown of production by brand it's speculating. LVEC is growing but as for the likes of Leyland DAF trucks and Alexander Dennis buses, I have no idea. 

So far 41% of the volume is for the local market, but that tends to fluctuate. The overall CV assembly industry is tiny but at least it is moving in a positive direction.

Data source: SMMT.

03 August 2022

Europe Sales : 2022 (Jan-Jun)

Registrations for June was -17% and for the first six months of 2022 was -14% on the corresponding period of 2021. The 'Diff' figure compares six months of this year with the total 2021 share. Green means market share gain but not necessarily an increase in sales. Figures are distorted by supply issues. 

No brand was able to secure double digit share so far this year. As usual, VW leads with a clear gap to second. Toyota meanwhile is gradually improving its position with steady, incremental gains. Some of the smaller brands are doing well, green being a prominent colour further down the list.

As new brands arrive due to a push for greener cars, unusual names are popping up. The Hongqi should sell well in Italy. The German electric start up brand e-Go is not lacking in confidence. JACs are starting to hit the road too. 

Data source: JATO Dynamics.