01 March 2024

Liechtenstein Top 50 Models : 2023

The numbers are tiny but they tell a story so here they are. With Japanese brands not that popular, it is surprising that one makes the top of the list, albeit with a reduction in registrations. European marques are dominant. 

Poland Passenger Car Sales : 2023

Registrations were up 13% for the year. Toyota's share is the highest it has ever been and easily so. Škoda surrendered its lead back in 2020 and the gap has quickly become a substantial one. Audi has also achieved its best share ever as it pushes its volume in Europe. 

Slovenia Top 50 Passenger Cars : 2023

The Renault Clio is made here and supported well but that didn't stop it from being usurped by the Škoda Octavia in 2022. The Clio is still in touch but if it ever aspires to wrest back the top spot, it has work to do. VW may have become the top brand but Renault still holds two spots above it in the top five on the model sales chart. 

Oh, in case you are wondering the words on the Clio picture say 'immediate delivery'. Hot from the factory too.