19 June 2024

Portugal Passenger Car Sales : 2024 (Jan-May)

Registrations for May were flat but YTD up 9%. Peugeot is into its fourth year at the top, having dethroned long time leader Renault. Budget brand Dacia is nicely placed in third spot. I'm all for the success of any brand like this that can make a business case for low cost motoring. Not everyone can afford or wants to commit excess funds for personal mobility.

Data source: ACAP.

16 June 2024

Estonia Car/LCV Sales : 2024 (Jan-May)

Registrations were down 17% in May and 16% YTD. Toyota maintains its inevitable lead which it has enjoyed for most of this century. Of course, Škoda is closing in so who knows? Subaru is not a strong brand in Europe but it is proving to be popular here. Audi got up to third last year but it seems that isn't sustainable. 

Popular models here include the Škoda Octavia (571), Toyota Corolla (455), Toyota RAV4 (438), Škoda Kodiaq (388), Kia Sportage (284) and Subaru Outback (250).  

A big shout out to the agency that releases this data. Increasingly sales statistics are harder to come by which is a shame as there is clearly a demand from the public to see it. 

The 'Diff' column shows market share change. Data source: Transpordiamet.

14 June 2024

Czechia Passenger Car Sales : 2024 (Jan-May)

Registrations are down 3% in May but up 2% YTD. Škoda is the home town hero and it shows. One in three cars in an open market is an unusually high percentage. Toyota has just passed VW and has Hyundai in its sights. 

The list includes camper vans too so some names may sound strange to those not familiar with them. Chinese brands are entering but not making a huge splash as yet. 

The top models are the Škoda Octavia (10,163), Škoda Scala (4,254), Hyundai i30 (4,130), Škoda Kodiaq (4,097), Škoda Kamiq (4,035), Škoda Fabia (3,814), Škoda Karoq (3,754) and Škoda Superb (2,819). 

Data source: SDA.