26 May 2022

Mitsubishi Model Sales Japan : 2020-21

Mitsubishi has some overseas markets it does very well in but in a domestic market with many brands, it doesn't do well at all. The only good thing is that sales were up 12.8% but the total was down 3.5%. That's an increase of share going up from 1.6 to 1.9%. 

In the chart below the model data is from a different source than the total figure. This year the difference was more than usual, 882 units. It's only 1.3% of the 69,000 registrations and we can still see a clear picture. 

The Kei range is the two eKs and the Town box. Half of its domestic sales are Kei category. As for models supplied by others, the Delica D2 and Town Box come from Suzuki. 

The top two selling models are both eK, the eK Space (top picture) a crossover MPV (17,900 sales) and the eK hatchback (above - 16,200 sales). They are both shared with Nissan but made by Mitsubishi. The D5 MPV (left) accounted for nearly 15,000 registrations.  

24 May 2022

Mazda Model Sales Japan : 2020-21

Mazda is a small company for a mainstream brand. A recent alliance with Toyota is and will be an enormous help with technical assistance saving substantial financial outlays for new technologies. Going a bit more upmarket is a direction it is also pursuing.   

As for registrations at home, they are spread over several models which is always a sound position in any business. About 150,000 sales p.a. is where Mazda is at presently. With the local market trending downward, that's well short of its best years but understandably so. 

The Mazda2 compact hatchback (top picture) recorded 25,000 sales, The CX-5 SUV (above) 22,500 and the CX-30 crossover (left) 19,000. The CX-8 and Mazda3 both exceeded 16,000 units. Mazda sold 5,400 MX-5 roadsters.

Kei cars make up just 17% of Mazda's volume. To save on development costs they are all sourced from Suzuki. The Flair Wagon MPV (Spacia), Flair Crossover SUV (Hustler), Flair hatchback (Wagon R) pictured left and Scrum minivan (Every Wagon).

22 May 2022

Lexus Model Sales Japan : 2020-21

Toyota is such a revered name in Japan that for years Lexus models overseas were sold domestically as Toyotas. From 2005, the Lexus marque was introduced locally. It currently sells around 50,000 p.a. The RX crossover, IS small(ish) car and UX crossover are the strongest selling models all sell around the 10,000 mark. The RX has a sibling in the form of the Toyota Harrier and for the LX SUV the Land Cruiser.

The elegant RX (top picture) sold 10,800, down 3,500. The new IS (right) recorded 10,400 registrations and was up a whopping 8,500 units. The UX (pictured below) was just behind it with 9,800 sales, down by 500. 

I assume Toyota would have liked Lexus to be selling at a higher level in its home market. However, it's the only domestic premium marque with neither Infiniti nor Acura brands used here.