29 May 2022

Subaru Model Sales Japan : 2020-21

Subaru is a niche brand in most markets and that's how it is in Japan too. No model sells outstandingly but four do in reasonable numbers for a brand this size. It doesn't do much with Kei cars, just 11% of the total and it seems they are there to have just a presence in that sector.

Total sales were down slightly but mirrored the market as a whole. The oddly named Levorg was the best selling with 25,500 registered through the year. The Forester is close behind (23,000), the XV ironically accounted for 15,000 sales and the Impreza/WRX 11,500.

All three Kei models (shaded yellow below) are sourced from Daihatsu. The Chiffon is the Daihatsu Tanto, Pleo Plus the Mira e:S and the Stella the Daihatsu Move. The Daihatsu Thor is taken into the range and called the Justy but that isn't a Kei model. 

28 May 2022

Nissan Model Sales Japan : 2020-21

Registrations in 2021 were 369,000 including 142,700 Kei cars or 39% of the total. The Roox, Dayz and NV100 Clipper are the Kei range, the first two made are for Nissan by Mitsubishi and the NV100 by Suzuki. The Kicks model is imported from Mexico I believe, but the rest are made locally. 

The best selling model is the Note (above), once made and sold in Europe. 90,000 sales for that model is impressive. The Rooz came next (left) with nearly 85,000 units registered, the Serena (bottom pic) 59,000 and Dayz 54,000. The Kicks with 35,000 rounds off the main selling models. 

Nissan supplies the Serena to Suzuki in a reciprocal arrangement, sold as the Suzuki Landy. As for the rest, they are not selling in large numbers even if some sell well overseas.  

26 May 2022

Mitsubishi Model Sales Japan : 2020-21

Mitsubishi has some overseas markets it does very well in but in a domestic market with many brands, it doesn't do well at all. The only good thing is that sales were up 12.8% but the total was down 3.5%. That's an increase of share going up from 1.6 to 1.9%. 

In the chart below the model data is from a different source than the total figure. This year the difference was more than usual, 882 units. It's only 1.3% of the 69,000 registrations and we can still see a clear picture. 

The Kei range is the two eKs and the Town box. Half of its domestic sales are Kei category. As for models supplied by others, the Delica D2 and Town Box come from Suzuki. 

The top two selling models are both eK, the eK Space (top picture) a crossover MPV (17,900 sales) and the eK hatchback (above - 16,200 sales). They are both shared with Nissan but made by Mitsubishi. The D5 MPV (left) accounted for nearly 15,000 registrations.