28 June 2022

Hyundai India Model Sales : 2019-2022 (Jan-May)

Hyundai sailed into this period with a strong tailwind and looking well established. The market is tight and Tata was was proving to be stiffer opposition so how would Hyundai react.

2019: As usual, with new models keeping the range fresh. The Venue compact crossover (picture below the sales chart) was successful as you would expect and the Kona also turned up but in tiny numbers. 

2021: The small to medium sized Alcazar crossover (above) was introduced and understandably was solid without being spectacular saleswise. Meanwhile, the slow selling Elantra was withdrawn.

2022: With only encompassing five months, Hyundai's market share slipped noticeably to 14.4%, the lowest since 2012 and the second lowest since 2007. It may be a temporary blip but one to watch. India is not, for the most part, an easy place to be in for a car company. 

As for the pictures on their website as seen here, they are embarrassing. Computer generated but they are not very well done to boot. It's not just in this instance with Hyundai. It seems to be an increasingly common practice, especially in Asia. You can't beat well taken photographs but can manufacturers not be bothered?

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Hyundai India Model Sales : 2015-2018

Hyundai had now become an established brand with  a sizable following. Market share was for the most part in excess of 16%, quite an achievement in a brand conservative country. They were doing something right.

2015: The Santro mini hatchback was withdrawn in 2014 and in came the Creta compact crossover (picture above). It obviously wasn't like for like but the new car helped keep sales ticking over.

: Hyundai reached an impressive milestone when it passed the 500,000 mark for the first time. The range had a broad spread of models selling well too, which avoids the 'too many eggs in one basket' scenario with its risk.

2018: The Santro nameplate returned (picture just above), replacing the Eon mini hatchback model. Sales passed 550,000 units and were nudging 17% of all sales. Could it get any better than this?

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26 June 2022

Hyundai India Model Sales : 2010-2014

Hyundai started selling cars here in 1998 so got in relatively early. They almost immediately went past the 10% mark of total sales and reached 16% by 2009. So how did they go from there?

2011: 2010 started a slight slide despite the Eon mini 5-door hatchback (right) arriving in '11 and soon selling well. It seemed to take sales from the i10.  

2012/13: The Elantra's turning up did little, being the small selling model it became. A new model i10 in 2013 helped in pushing market share back up again after declining.

2014: The Xcent (left) arrived, which was an i10 with a boot which to be consistent I should have combined. The numbers were high for both of them high so I decided not to. Regardless, the Xcent's arrival lifted penetration and took Hyundai to a market share all time high in 2014. Roll on 2015.

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