19 January 2022

Australia Sales : 2021

Registrations for all vehicles in December were -18% but +15% YTD. In a world where sales are struggling to get parity with 2020, there seemed no problem here. The bite only came in the last few months of the year. Most brands had sales increases but the chart below in the '+/-' column is comparing market share variance for 2021 with 2020. It shows who is gaining in real terms. 

Toyota is so well regarded here that it is unchallenged for its position at the head of the field. Mazda is comfortable in second place but it's tight from third to sixth. While GM Holden exited last year, GM's Chevrolet is booming, albeit on a much smaller scale. The reason is the Silverado truck which is converted to right hand drive for the local market. The same applies to RAM, sales being 4,000 and which are included in the Chrysler figure. 

One figure that proves elusive is Tesla's. Sales data is proved by the car importer and Tesla doesn't bother reporting sales by country. Apparently 10,000 were imported so I allocated 9,800 sales to the brand. That put Tesla at 20th. 

A point of interest: The Chinese invasion. It is now the fourth largest supplier of vehicles to Australia, behind Japan, Thailand and Korea. Volume is up nearly 150% this year, ten times the market's collective increase. 76,000 units were sold with a China origin. MG is now in the top ten, plus LDV, GWM (Great Wall and Haval) all enjoying success. 

Source: VFacts.

18 January 2022

Tunisia Sales : 2021

Registrations of passenger cars for December were +7% and +32% YTD so sales improved from 2020. In fact, it was a very strong result historically. The '+/-' column below is comparing market share variance for 2021 with 2020. Sometimes brands appear and disappear but it does give a reasonable picture of the situation. 

Things move around here. Hyundai has jumped from 8th to 1st in two years, displacing Kia in the process. Isuzu has fallen to 10th from 2nd and Citroën went from 6th to 43rd. The issue with the latter is to do with the brand ending its relationship with the importer. 

Denmark Top 50 Sales By Model : 2021

With sales down 6%  for the year, there is a slightly subdued feeling to the figures. The data below includes light commercial vehicles too so some vans appear on the list below. I colour coded the list to show where brands historically originated.  

Ford did alright except for passenger cars, the Fiesta and Focus models both dropped out of the top 50 from fairly strong positions. Despite electric propulsion being promoted in Denmark, the Tesla 3 managed to fall heavily. That would have been in part due to the Y model arriving, which finished in 54th place. 

Data source: Bilimp.