23 January 2021

Israel Top 50 Models : 2020


A country that prefers cars from Asian based car makers. 

France Car Sales : 2020

No one will be surprised with a sales slump. France had a major lock down so a normal sales performance was impossible. That is exactly what has transpired. Total registrations were -12% in December and for the full year -25%. Not one brand below managed an increase in sales. So pale blue denotes a market share gain at least, while yellow not so.

The big three French brands have collectively managed to increase market share, Renault particularly has done well. They achieved 47.2% share of the total registrations, up from 46.1%. Renault has been the best selling brand since Adam was a lad but Peugeot has whittled away at its huge lead for now to bee only a whisker away. 

It looked a certainty that Dacia would push past VW but VW did enough in December to hold on to 4th spot. Mercedes, BMW and Audi have all entered the top 10, the first time that has occurred. Toyota passed the 5% mark, another first. Kia and Hyundai both exceeded 2% share together, yet another first. JLR aren't going well with Land Rover -31% and Jaguar -63% share.

Data source: CCFA.

22 January 2021

SsangYong Global Model Sales : 2020

Can SsangYong find its way out of the woods?

SsangYong has had a turbulent life trying to remain solvent, so putting money into the company in the hope it will succeed has to be seen as a risk. Sales remain far short of where they need to be and efforts to export have been largely unfruitful. For2020, domestic sales accounted for 82% of the total number.

Ssangyong vehicles are quite popular here in NZ, but a pattern seems to be a sales push, followed by a downturn in sales. The probable cause is the cars are initially priced competitively and sell reasonably well but when the prices are increased, the buyers go elsewhere. Surely Hyundai could take even a small stake in the company and assist them.

Mahindra and Mahindra is the majority shareholder in Ssangyong and had said it would invest $423 million in anticipation of  making SsangYong profitable by 2022. However, other economic events have led M & M to give just $32.34 million to meet business running costs and told SsangYong find alternative ways to raise the capital it needs. M & M has since said it would be happy to relinquish its ownership stake in the company.

The Actyon Sport pick-up leads the way, ahead of three SUVs. All of the above compete in growing segments of the global market so that has to be a good thing. The Rodius/Turismo MPV ended sales in the middle of 2019 according to the official sales data released by SsangYong . Below, the list has a '+/- Diff' column showing only the Korando managed to increase. The year was a tough one for all manufacturers but especially for one already struggling.

Data source: SsangYong.