24 July 2024

Volvo, Genesis US Model Sales : 2023/24 (Q2)

An unusual mix of premium marques here with a long established Swede and a new brand enjoying success at home in a super protected environment and using the volume benefits that brings to reach offshore. 

Premium buyers are conservative and brand conscious so not always easily wooed. Volvo has a solid customer base and has recently attracted new customers as it returns to the former success it once enjoyed. Genesis has to work to establish a reputation Are they going to crack the US? At least in the USA they are more inclined to look at something different. 

 Sales were up 2% with the 60 Series up 146%. That counted the C40's downward slump by 86%. Wow. Apparently, hybrids are doing well for Volvo but electric less so. This rush into electric may be premature for Volvo and others too.

SUVs lead the way with for Volvo with the three at the top of the sales chart to the right of that persuasion. The usual USA's bigger is better philosophy is manifest as well. 61,000 sale is a good result I'd have thought.

Genesis: Arriving in the USA in 2016, sales were at first up and down but for the last two years there has been a strong increase. That has slowed in 2024 with no new models added. 

So far the total increase is 3% with the GV80 up 22% and the G80 down 23% (G is for sedan and GV SUV). 

Genesis is still a small player in the premium arena but it's early days. As already noted, conquest sales are a challenge in the premium segment. 

Data & pictures: Volvo & Genesis. V60 above & the GV70 below.

GM US Model Sales : 2023/24 (Q2)

GM has a four brand portfolio it uses to satisfy its US customers. How are they faring in these challenging times? Let's find out. 

Chevrolet: This is the volume brand for General Motors with about 842,000 sales for half the 2024 calendar year. That's down 1% on H1 2023 so a solid result. It contributed 65% of GM's US sales for the H1 period.

The big Silverado pick up gained 5% so that will be good for the bottom line. The Equinox (picture above / +2%) and Trax (+230%) complete the top three list. 

The electric Bolt EUV was a crossover version of the Bolt hatchback. They have both been discontinued with a new model planned but not as yet. The Camaro muscle car has also finished its run for the time being. An SUV version will come out soon but whether that would fit the muscle car tag remains to be seen.

 The truck making brand; SUVs and pick ups to be precise. The Sierra, Canyon and Hummer make up the pick up side of the business while the Terrain, Yukon, Acadia and Hummer belong to the SUV range. Hummer seems to straddle the two categories with both pick up and SUV variants.

The marque makes up 22% of GM's sales for the year so far. Terrain sales were up 31% while the Acadia was down 56%. A third generation Acadia has recently been released.

Buick: A modest range of vehicles, all under the crossover / SUV classification. Considering that, I expected more sales than 90,000 or 7% of GM sales. That can be attributed to the fact that it is semi-premium, neatly nestled between Chevrolet and Cadillac. 

Total Buick sales were up 11%, the only brand within GM that grew in H1 of 2024. The Envista crossover (pictured below) was the reason for that. 

Cadillac: The smallest GM division with 74,000 sales YTD and just under 6% of the GM total. The range is quite broad, with seven models listed by the company. 

The Lyric electric crossover is the sole model that increased but overall the marque was down just 2%. 

Data & picture source: GM. 

23 July 2024

Mercedes US Model Sales : 2023/24 (Q2)

If there is one thing German marques do well in and that's complexity. It is at least partly fueled by intense competition and entering every niche they can think of. 

Looking at the list to the right bears this out and not all models available are here. Merecedes-Benz can point to the success they enjoy as justification and I can't deny that. It's a complex world and I believe at some point that becomes inefficient. 

Moving on, the GLE and GLC are the best selling passenger vehicles. Vans are combined and collectively they up there with them. The A-Class is being phased out by the company and it looks all but finished in the US already.

Sales for the H1 period are down 5%, with a mixture of ups and downs with models. The GLC (picture above) is up 28% and the GLA down 32%. The CLE (picture below) has arrived in 2024. 

Data & pictures: Mercedes-Benz.