19 January 2021

U.S. Light Vehicle Sales : 2020

Sales were down 15% for the year, not to bad at all. The custom has been to voluntarily release monthly figures, but the tide has swung quickly to the point that its almost the default to do it in quarterly releases instead. Hopefully it won't escalate beyond that, bad as it already is. Mercedes Benz and JLR are particularly tardy at releasing data.

Surprisingly few makes could manage an increase (green) so I've added pale blue to show those that did manage to improve their share at least. There's not much change although Nissan's traditional drive for volume has now been superceded with a focus on better margins. Volvo went uip three places and Infiniti down by the same number.

Mexico Car Sales : 2020

For the month of December registrations were down 19% and -28% for the full year. It is the lowest sales year going back to 2011. The effect was only two brands managed to increase sales, Volvo and Subaru. Neither of them are big selling in Mexico either. The overall loss of 370,000 registrations compared to 2019 was substantial. 

Since a wash of yellow over the chart isn't that instructive, I added a pale blue to show brands that at least increased their share of the market, if not sales. That shows Nissan did hold its own at the top, compared to the next two, GM and VW.  

Data source: AMDA.

18 January 2021