21 July 2024

VW / Audi US Model Sales : 2023/24 (Q2)

VW and its premium marque Audi come together here to see how they are going in 2024. Mainstrean Euro brands are thin on the ground in the US, Fiat being the only other example and they are rarer than hen's teeth. However, it's a different story in the premium segment where Euro marques are as popular as lederhosen at an Oktoberfest.  

VW: The Atlas large SUV leads the way, up 33% and 30% of the total. The Tiguan also did well, up 10%. The Jetta is up, now the only sedan left as the Arteon appears to be on the way out. 

Overall a 26% increase is impressive with most models contributing to that. The range is more limited than in other markets but in this market all that is needed. 

Audi: In contrast, sales are down 14% so far, with the Q5 leading the way with a 30% drop and 11,000 fewer registrations. The Q3 is up 60% but unable to negative the volume loss of its larger sibling. 

The ID.4 is currently the sole electric model and has slipped back. The headlong rush to get into that arena hasn't proved to be the eldorado it was expected to become by now. 

The range is wider but now half the unit sales of VW but Audi is a more premium product. Audi gives the impression that it's pulling back on chasing volume and if that is the case, not a bad move. 

Data and picture source: VW Group.

Austria Passenger Car Sales : 2024 (Jan-Jun)

Registrations were up 25% in June and 7% YTD so a strong result. VW not only matched the increase but added 10% on top of that. The three below that couldn't go with that as the gap widened. Suzuki is going well and Mitsubishi may have talked a while back about leaving Europe but seems to have been reneged on. 

Data source: Statistik Austria.

20 July 2024

Mazda / Mitsubishi US Model Sales : 2023/24 (Q2)

                                            Two M brands from Japan share this page together. That's about the only connection they have, with Mazda partly owned by Toyota and Nissan has a major shareholding in Mitsubishi. 

Both Mazda and Mitsubishi are smaller companies in the mainstream car world so they benefit greatly from the above mentioned acquistions. 

Mazda: Sales in the US are up a decent 10% so far this year. The leading model (CX-5) is down 12% but that is more than compensated by other models. The CX-30 is up 33% and the CX-50 by 64%. The CX-90 is replacing the CX-9. 

On the car side, the Mazda3 is the only passenger car, sold as a sedan and hatchback. Both sell in similar numbers. The MX-5 is the only other car left in the range and it was down 27%. 

Mitsubishi: A small range of models and modest volume characterise the brand in the US as is the case in many other markets. The Mirage is the sole passenger car and it had a strong 86% increase in sales. It has few competitors in the US.

However, it's the Outlander that is the backbone of the range with 54% of all sales. The Outlander Sport is known as the ASX in other markets such as here in New Zealand. It and the Eclipse Cross are small for US tastes so sell in subdued numbers. 

Data and pictures: Mazda and Mitsubishi.