29 November 2023

Lamborghini Model Production : 2023 (Jan-Sep)

Lamborghini: It has the same number of units produced units as YTD 2022. The Urus SUV is the main contributor at nearly 60% of the total. The Revuelto V12 hybrid (pic below) replaces the Aventador with a slight loss in volume due to the changeover. 

Regional Deliveries: They're up slightly despite a mini collapse in China. Europe leads narrowly from the USA. 'Other' does surprisingly well. 

Bentley Model Production : 2023 (Jan-Sep)

Production hit an all time peak in 2022 but for 2023 Bentley won't be replicating that. They are down YTD 15% to 10,300 but historically the 2023 figure would be a good one for a full year. The Bentayga SUV (pictured below) leads the way as expected with 43% of the total but all three models contribute well. The Flying Spur is shown above. 

Regional Deliveries: The USA is the biggest outlet for Bentley sales, but all regions are solid. 

Audi Model Production : 2023 (Jan-Sep)

Audi production increased 15% in the first three quarters of 2023.  Most of the models increased (green) and the breakdown of models is as below, in some detail, I must say. Not many manufacturers are as open with data, something I don't understand. 

For the 2023 YTD, the Q5 is the leading model in terms of production volume (252,500), followed by the A6 (183,000), A3 (178,000), A4 (172,900) and Q3 (172,700). The Q4 is pictured above and the Q8 enjoying the scenery below. 

Data source: Audi. 

Regional Deliveries: Europe has moved past China as the main region for sales. The USA is some way back but still exceeds the rest of the world.