28 March 2024

Chevrolet Camaro Yearly Production Numbers (1967-2023)

The Chev Camaro started life in 1967 as an answer to the Ford Mustang, which was hugely popular. The Camaro was a success and still is today but it never quite knocked the Mustang of its perch. Considering that GM nearly always outperformed Ford in volume, this was not something the General was used to. (Mustang data can be viewed by clicking here).

The Mustang has been in constant production and averaged 184,000 units, the Camaro wasn't manufactured between 2003 and 2008 inclusive. Even so, for all the years it was made, the average was 128,700. That's impressive in its own right, if you don't compare it with the Mustang (like I just did).

There have been six generations of the Camaro, made for North America with a few finding homes elsewhere. They are soon to be sold in Australia and NZ with RHD conversions done by HSV. The numbers won't be huge but it shows that there is demand for muscle cars. The Mustang is already a strong selling model in these parts, helping make a business case for this initiative.

The figures below are from more than one source and I found these were not usually consistent. So they should be taken as reasonably accurate and hopefully, the swings and roundabouts effect evens out those differences.

Each series is coloured, with a gap for when there was no production. When one model changed over to another, that generally isn't shown here. As the Camaro was made in both the USA and Canada, that was when the change of generations became evident. 

The last Camaro rolled off the line at the end of 2023 and although GM plans to resurrect the name in the future, no timeframe has been stated. In all likelihood, they don't know at this stage either.

Picture source: Netcarshow. Last updated 7.04.234

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