30 April 2023

Poland Top 50 Passenger Car Models : 2023 (Jan-Mar)

If you live in Poland and drive a Yaris or Yaris Cross, then you're not alone. In fact, you will be waving at so many passing cars, acknowledging the form of transport you share in common. Until you got tired of it or develop RSI. I jest of course.

Toyota had the top three models with the Corolla making up the trifecta. Škoda had several models that proved popular too. 

Source: Various.

Poland Passenger Car Sales : 2023 (Jan-Mar)

Registrations were up 25% in March and 21% YTD. Toyota's share is the highest it has ever been and easily so. Škoda surrendered its lead back in 2020 and the gap has quickly become a substantial one. Audi has also achieved its best share ever as it pushes its volume in Europe. 

29 April 2023

Norway Top 40 Car Models : 2023 (Jan-Mar)

The Tesla Y is so far ahead, nothing comes close. That advantage cannot surely be maintained. The bZ4X is next and the combined ID.4 and 5 is then third. The Model 3 is 7th ranked, ensuring a comfortable advantage for Tesla over all others.    

26 April 2023

Israel Top 40 Car Models : 2023 (Jan-Mar)

The Israeli car market is strongly Asian in preference, especially at the top end. I decided to colour Chinese brands in pale green to show their increasing presence here. Electric cars are encouraged in Israel and this helps Chinese makes which have pushed hard in that area. 

The BYD Atto 3 electric car (pictured above) leads the way from the Mazda 2 and Geely Geometry C (picture below). Hyundai comes next with a couple of models after which Chery makes its first appearance of three.   

25 April 2023

Turkey Top 40 Passenger Car Models : 2023 (Jan-Mar)

Fiat promotes locally made through import duty and so a few models stand out because of that. None more so than the Fiat Egea or Tipo as it is known elsewhere. The Clio also is popular and Dacia shines with the Duster. 

23 April 2023

Norway Passenger Car Sales : 2023 (Jan-Mar)

Registrations for March were +19% but year to date -11%. January was down 77% which heavily impacted on the YTD figure. A new high tax rate for ICE (internal combustion engine) cars caused a flood of sales in December and a drought of them in January. Even electric cars went up slightly too, the sales rush causing a stock shortage in January. Stock was replenished and now a normal situation returned with sales later monthly ahead of last year. 

Usually, a couple of brands just exceed 10% market share but not in 2023. Tesla has a ridiculous 33% market share. OK, so the even more heavy incentivised system favouring electric propulsion distorts things but stock shortages must be playing a part too. Tesla has done a good job of creating a reasonable supply of stock and that outrageous market share proves the point!

20 April 2023

Mexico Top 40 Light Vehicles : 2023 (Jan-Mar)

Nissan is well respected around these parts, taking four of the top six spots. Overall a mix of brands from various regions, reflecting an open marketplace. The picture above is the Chevrolet S-10, a rebadged Maxus T70 from China. Below is pictured the Dodge Attitude which is a rebadged Mitsubishi Attrage. 

Data source: INEGI.

04 April 2023

Ecuador Vehicle Sales : 2022

Sales were up 17% so things were positive for importers and dealers, not to mention customers. Many brands recorded impressive gains and a few belly flopped. Nissan and Ford were the two main ones but Peugeot and Citroën were a bit off colour as well.  

Chevrolet is in the driver's seat with 24,600 units with Kia closing in with 20,000. Most brands enjoyed growth as expected in such an upbeat market. Chinese brands again are doing well with six of the top 11 placings. 

Data source: Aeade

03 April 2023

Peru Passenger Car/LCV Sales : 2022

I don't usually bother with stats that only cover some of the brands but maybe what's happening in Peru is still worth a peek. It still covers 92.4% of the 159,814 sales for cars and light commercial vehicles. That was a 2% increase on 2021. That total appears to be an all time record. 

Toyota leads the way with one in five sales. The Hilux accounted for 12,957 of those, amazingly only two brands apart from Toyota ahead of that figure. The Kia Soluto was next way back on 4.184 units finding buyers and the Toyota Rush was third with 4,018 sales. 

Chinese manufacturers are making themselves at home, four in the top eleven and ten in the top 25. DFSK enjoyed a 44% jump in volume, Chery +28% and Geely 107% and so it goes on. I'm still not sure about durability but perhaps they are proving that isn't an issue. 

Data source: AAP.

02 April 2023

Land Rover Defender Top Nations : 2022

The original Land Rover that became the Defender was going to be a hard act to follow. To modernise a classic in both styling and also be faithful to its utilitarian heritage could have turned out badly. Instead, it was done superbly. 

Making enough of them has been the problem despite it now being the best selling model in the JLR stable. The recent move to three shifts will help ease the backlog of orders that blights not only this model but JLR as a whole. 

The USA and the UK are as usual up there but with 48% 'Others', there are a few big names missing from the list. It's nice to see South Africa coming in at sixth, a country where the original Land Rover was such and important vehicle. 

The data below is from various sources, not from JLR and sources can vary. One or two top nations may be missing.

Jaguar XF Top Nations : 2022

The XF replaced the S-Type in 2008 and has been an able performer for the marque. It has recently suffered the same fate as the XE, the prioritising of sales elsewhere within JLR. With the possibility of the new electric Jaguars being SUVs or crossovers, it may not have a direct replacement although one could effectively be a replacement if sized similarly. 

Again China came to the rescue where the XFL is still sought after and more importantly available. Germany well and truly outsold the UK but more a case of what happened in the UK? There were nearly more sold in Poland! 

The data below is from various sources, not from JLR and sources can vary. One or two top nations may be missing. 

Range Rover Sport Top Nations : 2022


There isn't a huge difference between the Range Rover and the RR Sport but the former is slightly more luxurious while the lighter Sport is a little better on the driving front. The Sports lower price point usually has it selling in larger numbers but for 2022, there was nothing in it. 

The USA and the UK are major markets but with 45% of the total. The car has always been a good seller in Italy and Australia outperforming Germany is a surprise. 

The data below is from various sources, not from JLR and sources can vary. One or two top nations may be missing. 

01 April 2023

Jaguar F-Pace Top Nations : 2022

The mainstay of the Jaguar range for 2022, the F-Pace accounted for 21,000 sales. When it arrived in 2016, it was an instant hit and so it should have been with the style it is imbued with. I look forward to seeing how it goes in 2023. The US and the UK took over half of them in 2022. 

The data below is from various sources, not from JLR and sources can vary. One or two top nations may be missing.

Range Rover Evoque Top Nations : 2022

The Evoque hit the showrooms in 2011, looking incredibly similar to the prototype. Tata did well to let it that happen as car execs can be at times too risk averse. The risk paid off handsomely as the stylish newcomer wowed potential buyers and brought new customers into the fold. 

Over 54,000 were sold for the year with China - as an assembler of the vehicle - leading the way. At least it got some support this time with the UK taking nearly 21% of total sales. The US isn't that keen on smaller but the Italians love smaller and stylish so it went down well there. 

The data below is from various sources, not from JLR and sources can vary. One or two top nations may be missing.

Jaguar E-Pace Top Nations : 2022

The E-Pace suffered under the semiconductor shortage with sales only a fraction of when it first hit the market. It would have gone in that direction anyway but sales of 7,300 is taking the proverbial. I look forward to the Q1 2023 sales statistics when released by JLR to see if the end of the chip shortage will change improve sales. 

I really didn't expect Italy to be the largest market in 2022 for the E-Pace. It is a fine looking vehicle and presumably that touches the Italian love of style. The UK and the US are next. It deserves more sales but it won't be as profitable as the F-Pace so maybe not. 

The data below is from various sources, not from JLR and sources can vary. One or two top nations may be missing.