07 May 2020

Italy Pick Up Sales : 2015-19

The Fiat Fullback never really got out of the woods

The pick-up truck is certainly not a big selling type of vehicle in Italy. It even has one of its own, the Fiat Fullback. OK, so it's really a Mitsubishi Triton but that wasn't a bad thing. However, with poor sales there was no point in continuing to try and crack a tough segment. Pick-up buyers seem to be a loyal bunch when it comes to brand name.

The clear leader was the Ford Ranger, as it is across Europe it seems. The Triton is also a popular model, outperforming the Hilux. The Isuzu D-Max has established a solid following, outselling the Nissan Navara. The bottom three are Euro brands and the two German offerings haven't done that well either. Neither likes playing second fiddle in any segment, but that's what they have to accept here. Mercedes has quickly given up too, leaving the VW Amarok the only Euro brand left.

Italy Pick-Up Sales

Make Model 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015

Ford Ranger 2,921 2,854 2,604 1,906 1,160

Mitsubishi Triton 1,375 1,040 1,101 1,354 654

Toyota Hilux 1,070 1,069 1,299 948 507

Isuzu D-Max 866 680 684 860 64

Nissan Navara 810 933 1,307 1,246 582

Mercedes X-Class 678 565 70 - -

VW Amarok 413 511 400 349 328

Fiat Fullback 400 656 1,616 755 -

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2019: Australia/New Zealand/South Africa 

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2015: World Top 50

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