15 February 2018

Pick-Up Truck Comparison 2017: Oz, NZ & RSA

The three nations, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa all have a strong outdoor culture. This fits in well with the pick-up truck. There are differences here however. The first two mentioned are similar in models sold but Australia is much larger. South Africa has some unique models all to itself. The top nine from each country are shown as anything below that has minimal sales. One by one then.

The Toyota Land Cruiser Ute is beaut, as the locals would say

Australia: They can't get away from the Toyota Hilux despite most pundits agreeing it isn't the best out there. Reliability and dealer network probably keep it top in Oz. The Ford Ranger is snapping at its heels but I can't see it taking the lead. (Data VFACTS).


Rk Make Model Sales

1 Toyota Hilux 47,093

2 Ford Ranger 42,728

3 Mitsubishi Triton 23,605

4 Holden Colorado 21,579

5 Isuzu D-Max 17,717

6 Nissan Navara 16,532

7 Mazda BT-50 14,119

8 VW Amarok 9,282

9 Toyota Land Cruise Ute 8,915

The Ford Ranger on a NZ country road

New Zealand: The same two at the top but this time it's Ford's turn, which has been the case since 2014. Toyota would like to take the prime spot back but has to accept this is one battle it isn't winning. The top models sell in better numbers (ratio-wise) in NZ than Australia, but then fall away faster. (Data MIA).

New Zealand

Rk Make Model Sales

1 Ford Ranger 9,430

2 Toyota Hilux 8,122

3 Holden Colorado 4,501

4 Mitsubishi Triton 4,075

5 Nissan Navara 3,062

6 Isuzu D-Max 2,513

7 Mazda BT-50 2,222

8 VW Amarok 1,893

9 Foton Tunland 611

The Nissan NP300 Hard Body

South Africa: Hilux and Ranger again lead the way but after that is changes. The Nissan NP200 is a small two seater Ute, while the NP300 Hard Body is an older model Nissan sold as either a two seater or a small double cab. The Chev utility is similar to the NP200 and its sales were down as Chevrolet left the market altogether during 2017. (Data Naamsa).

South Africa

Rk Make Model Sales

1 Toyota Hilux 36,422

2 Ford Ranger 32,811

3 Nissan NP200 15,112

4 Isuzu D-Max 14,256

5 Nissan NP300 HB 12,675

6 Chevrolet Utility 7,544

7 VW Amarok 2,946

8 Toyota Land Cruise Ute 2,682

9 Nissan Navara 1,684

Summary: Three markets that like the pick-up truck. Similarities but also differences, especially the RSA. The versatile nature of these vehicles makes them increasingly popular. The outdoor lifestyle greatly contributes to their success as well.

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