09 July 2024

Volvo Global Sales : H1 2024

Global registrations were up 14% for the year so far compared with the same period in 2023. That's a good result for the marque. So let's break things down.

By Model: The XC60 remains the top selling model and the gap between it and the XC40 has widened after getting very close. The XC90 is to be replaced by the fully electric EX90 and the latter will presumably be making an impact by year's end. 

The new EX30 is off to a good start too and has added impetus to the growth. The new EM90 electric MPV has just arrived and will be an interesting addition to the range. 

By Region: Europe has become an even more important region for Volvo with half of all sales being made here. Everywhere else didn't change much so nothing to report there.

When the brand becomes fully electric, I can see that percentage rising as electric cars are not popular everywhere and in some cases won't be any time soon. 

Going Electric: The company will not anything but electric cars after 2030. For now, 23% of deliveries are BEVs so some work to be done between here and then. 

As things stand at this point, nearly 80% of electric sales for Volvo are in Europe. The new electric EM90 is pictured at the top of the article and the EX90 - XC90 replacement is just below. 

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