11 June 2024

Netherlands Passenger Car Sales : 2024 (Jan-May)

Registrations were down 14% in May and minus 1% YTD. Some of the shifts in sales and ranking are extreme. Volvo leaps into second place from tenth while VW slumps down to sixth from being the top brand a few months earlier. Incentives may be part of the reason as new environmentally friendly models arrive they prosper. But there is more to it. Many in the Netherlands seem to want the latest. 

One new brand is Voyah from China which sells premium electric cars. It has two models sold here so far, the Dream and Free. Will they succeed? Hard to say but the premium market is a hard one to crack. I guess dreams are free. (I just had to say that). 

The best selling models for the year so far were the Volvo EX/XC40 (5,436), Kia Niro (5,167), Volvo EX30 (4,113), Tesla Y (6,298), Toyota Aygo X (3,722) and Tesla 3 (3,560). The Lotus Emeya (see picture below) has arrived with seven sold in May, the first month to enter the sales chart. A four door Lotus?

Data source: Bovag.

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