06 June 2024

Finland Passenger Car Sales : 2024 (Jan-May)

Registrations were down 18% in May and 15% YTD. The data below compares market share with five months of 2024 with a complete 2023. However as all increases exceeded 15%, all market share gains were also increases in volume. Not often that happens. 

The winner here is Toyota, a brand that has put emphasis on rallying in a country that loves that motor sport. They currently sell one in five passenger cars sold here, for those who find maths not their strong suit. The top three models for the year so far are Toyotas; the Corolla (2,044 units), Yaris Cross (1,400) and Yaris (1,382). 

Volvo has also had a good year, led by the new EX30 model (1,001). ┼ákodahas slipped a place despite the Octavia selling well (1,249). The Nissan Qashqai (973) helped that brand to a 54% increase. Tesla did a belly flop as did Peugeot and Opel. BYD has arrived so we will see how that progresses as it builds its dreams. 

Data source: Tilastokeskus. 

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