06 April 2021

The Beauty of Simplicity

Picture source: https://driving.ca

I had a wristwatch that on each occasion I needed to change the time, it required my getting out the instruction book. I then had to press or hold various buttons until I got through several sub-menus and could actually change the time. That's a basic function needed whenever daylight saving comes around, yet whoever designed the watch didn't seem to think that feature should be easily accessible! I now have a watch with a crown that is pulled out and the hands are turned to the desired position. The beauty of simplicity.

Unfortunately, the car industry doesn't offer simplicity as an option. I recently took my car in for a warrant of fitness and it passed yet again. I mentioned to the technician my car has never failed a warrant over many years. He replied that it was a simple car. He said one man comes in with a late model Mercedes and it is constantly having to be returned for issues around the electronics of the car. 

Why can't I buy a simple car? I don't want an iPad stuck to the dashboard with endless sub-menus that need to be traversed in order to do a simple task. I can presently action required functions with a nonchalant push of a button or an effortless twist of a knob. 

This move to compting power within a car was presumably in preparation for the switch to autonomous driving. That noble yet laughable goal is now seen as a lifetime away, if ever achievable. Now we don't need to have an iPad on the dashboard anymore, can we please return to the saner button and knob arrangement? If car manufacturers by chance read this blog, I challenge you to convince me that any of your current crop of technologically complicated vehicles is worth my exchanging an older, simple car for. 

Manufacturers are scrambling to get enough microchips. Car prices are going up. Simplicity isn't only more reliable and user friendly, but cheaper too. It is time for a return to what many people surely want, reliable and uncomplicated driving. It's called the beauty of simplicity.  

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