25 June 2020

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Enjoy family outings together but nothing too risky

What seems to be a new ploy with advertisements on webpages is having them twitch suddenly or content constantly moving within the ad itself to catch your eye. It catches mine and I either block the ad if I can, or reposition the page in a way I cannot see the ad. Otherwise I just leave. I'm certainly not going to click on the ad and encourage this practice.

When you come to the blogs I do they are ad free. Just the content I put in. You don't have to scroll past them and nothing is flashing in the corner of your eye to distract you. I hate the obsession with commercialism the world has become gripped with. It wasn't nearly so bad when I was a lad. While we were financially less well off, we smiled, made eye contact with other people and invented our own fun which involved more interaction with humans directly.

Rant over, so where do you all come from? You can see below with the hit tally. The USA is well ahead of the rest, with the UK next. Germany was third for some years but was passed by Russia and France. I'm sure my dislike of the culture within the German car industry had something to do with that. Surprise omissions include China and Australia. The recent rise of Unknown and the high Other tally both of note as well. People come from all parts of the world so I guess the Other reflects that.

I hope the content, with its heavy bias toward data, is appealing. I have no link with the car industry so am totally without outside influence. I don't encourage spending on cars unless it is something that fits your budget and necessary requirements. Keep safe and spend as much time as possible with those close to you.

USA 207,300

UK 82,750

Russia 68,400

France 40,900

Germany 27,000

India 23,700

Italy 10,900

NZ 10,400

Netherlands 7,900

Belgium 7,600

Ukraine 5,800

Czech Rep 4,800

Unknown 4,700

Canada 4,000

Saudi Arabia 3,750

Spain 3,400

Sweden 2,550

Japan 2,300

Turkey 2,200

Other 265,000

Total 785,000


  1. Hey there! I am one of the 7600... :)
    I am still following your blog with great interest.
    At the same time I had difficulties accessing it from corp network, like there stg wrong with the website.

    You could consider migrating to a proper wordress site, it has its own beauty, but of course its own cost too :)

    Just an idea,
    I wish you good luck with the blog!

    1. I am disappointed you had issues accessing the site. I just tried the site from a standard Google search and had no problem.
      Nice to have you along for the ride and appreciate your input. Many visit but few comment.