14 April 2021

Jaguar's Future

Is it just me, or is there something very special
about Jaguar cars that touch an emotive nerve?

I wrote an article on Jaguar and before posting it, I scrapped it. The reason is I don't know for certain what is going on. JLR hasn't been too clear on what they are doing. The axeing of the new XJ shortly before its release and a sudden, dramatic downturn of Jaguar sales raises questions. Is the lack of clarity a case of keeping their cards close to their chest or is it just poor public relations? 

Either way, many such as myself have been left wondering what's going on and what is the marque's future likely to be? Sales may have nosedived for Jaguar but not for Land Rover so why the difference? Tthere must be a reason but it's impossible for me to pinpoint. I'll therefore avoid speculating and accept all will become clear in due course. 

Jaguar global sales for January to March in 2021 were slightly less than half compared to the same period in 2020. Ignoring the discontinued XJ, the poorest performing model was the E-Pace. The best was the F-Type. In the same timeframe, China overtook the UK to be the largest market by some distance.  

In these unusual times, things will swing like a pendulum. Whereas manufacturers could once plan well ahead with some assurance, numerous issues confronting them now make planning even a couple of years forward fraught with uncertainty. 

So what is the road ahead for Jaguar going to be? 


  1. Jaguar has had quite a few lives but not nine. It will survive I reckon, but as you have rightly said, the people in the UK should do more to support their home grown industry

  2. Absolutely Brummie. Apathy is a silent killer.

  3. Here we can read an actual interview with Gerry McGovern:


    Let´s see, if they can realize their visions and if the market will appreciate it.

    1. Thanks for the link DP. I think dropping SUVs because LR does them is incompetent reasoning. LR SUVs are off-road focused, Jags on-road. They can and should co-exist. The SUV segment is where every car maker has to be, just ask Ferrari, Rolls Royce etc.
      If Jaguar think they can walk away from what all other manufacturers feel they must be part, then those behind that decision need to find another job.

  4. E Pace as least selling model? Why?
    I had a seat in some last year at a car show. It seemed like a very competent small SUV. Looked like a real money maker. How comes it isn't?
    What is it that these guys doing wrong and others can get it right? Volvo sells well over 100.000 XC40 that looks a lot less serious to me. Are Jags that much overpriced?

    And then, this plan to go full nuts.. I mean full EV. Jag developed one a few years ago. And it flopped. Badly... So they are going to make now only these? What is the logic in that?

    1. There is a lot I don't understand about how Jaguar is managed. I don't have much confidence any more in those running the business. As mentioned to a previous comment, they think the brand should stop selling SUVs altogether. What can I say about that?