25 June 2020

Renault India & China Production (By Model) : 2015-19

The tardis-like Triber

In the final of the series for Renault Group production 2015-19, two overseas joint venture operations are under the spotlight. Well, more like a pencil torch light to be precise. They are both in the Asian region but otherwise have little in common.

India. This is a tie-up with alliance partner Nissan at a plant in Chennai. I always saw it a more of a Nissan plant but it is a genuine sharing arrangement. The Renault side of the production has the Kwid as its main model, but also the new compact MPV the Triber, which only went on sale in the second half of 2019. It amazingly has three rows of seats within it's diminutive frame. The Duster is sliding downward and the Captur for now looks like its finished.

Year/Model 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015
Total 100,546 90,262 128,501 141,841 54,564
Kwid 64,891 76,190 105,788 115,223 18,282
Triber 25,983

Duster 8,965 11,270 15,469 20,592 22,477
Captur 707 1,608 4,546

1,194 2,698 3,297 11,067

2,449 1,913

280 825

China. Renault got into a joint venture with Jinbei not long back and the Shengyang entry below from 2018 is what was and is produced through that. The total figure seems to cover quite a few different models with emphasis on light commercial vehicles and electric cars.

Not a common enough site on Chinese roads

Renault also formed a partnership with Dongfeng to assemble Renault cars but that has proved unsuccessful and Renault has now pulled out of that arrangement. Renault should have entered the Chinese market much earlier, before the public had established loyalties to the much longer term entrants.

Year/Model 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015
Total 54,101 90,226 74,711 32,988 56
Shengyang 37,826 42,468

Koléos 7,183 31,299 48,122 7,538
Kadjar 4,340 16,459 26,589 25,450 56
City K-ZE 3,169

Captur 1,559

Other 24

Data source: Renault Group.

The City K-Ze electric car is to continue

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