07 June 2024

Italy Passenger Car Sales : 2024 (Jan-May)

Registrations were down 7% in May but up 3% YTD. Fiat has always been at the top and still is but at its lowest market share ever. VW has been the second most popular brand here since 2012, when it passed Ford. For now Toyota has taken that place but it is very close run thing.

Where would Fiat be without the Panda model? YTD it has achieved 53,439 registrations. That is well ahead of the Dacia Sandero (26,166) and the Citro├źn C3 (21,660). Next are the Lancia Ypsilon (20,539), Jeep Avenger (16,940) and the Toyota Yaris Cross (16,208). 

The new Ypsilon is here as an electric car and replacement for its 13 year old predecessor of the same name. It is the sole model for the brand but two new models will be added over the next four years. 

Data source: UNRAE.

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