16 September 2023

Belgium 1,000 Club : 1964

There were at least 37 models that exceeded 1,000 sales in 1964. I say "at least" because I couldn't get a model breakdown for Volvo which would have had representation here otherwise. Chevrolet may have too. 

The chart is rather colourful but they are broken down by where the brand originated. It's handy if you want to focus on a country of origin in particular. All the cars listed would have been made in Europe and there were no sales of Asian brands at all, a contrast with today. 

The data wasn't presented on a platter so some work was required in some cases to sort it out. That's not a criticism by any means, it's nice to have access to it at all. It's just occasionally a bit of estimating was used. 

I'll mention a few examples. The Ford Taunus had about 1,100 sales not differentiated between models so using data from surrounding years, I estimated how to allocate them. The NSU figure was just a total and I think only one model was available at the time so all sales went to the Prinz model. ┼ákoda also had some unallocated units but likely for the 1000 model. 

Overall, an insight into a time when many of you were very young or not yet born. The model ranges were less extensive, the cars far less complicated and owning a car at all was still a relatively new experience for many. 

The pictures are at top the Renault 4, then the BMW 1500 and finally the ┼ákoda 1000. In the last pic, an interesting way to flag down a passing motorist.  

Data source: Statbel. Pictures: Netcarshow.

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