13 September 2023

Renault Group Europe Sales : 2020-22

This region is the home turf for Renault and it shows. It's very popular in France and was in Russia but Russia is no longer in the picture in 2023. In 2022, the company pulled back on volume which brought sales down that year. I've noticed it's springing back in 2023, especially in France. 

Lada was the main part of the group's presence in Russia and while the brand continues, it's no longer under the Renault Group. It had recently been grouped with Dacia but obviously, that didn't work out. Events were already conspiring against Renault in Russia during 2022, causing the sales listed below to fall. The figure for Russia doesn't cover a full year so that muddies the water a bit but such are the problems humans create. 

Data source: Renault Group.

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