05 May 2022

Toyota/Lexus Production : 2020-22 (2022 Jan-Mar)

Having to walk to work because the car's not charged.
I hate it when that happens.

Toyota manufactures cars in many places as we can see in the chart below. Managing it all must be a logistical exercise of careful planning and deliberation as to what is made where. 

Asia: Many countries in Asia 'protect' their car industries with import duty so to be there you have to make cars there. The problem is the tariffs stay in place even when the industry no longer requires it. Some still do require protection but for others, it's simply an anti-import policy. 

65% of all Toyota's are made in this region, over three quarters of which are assembled in Japan and China. Japan and Thailand are strong in exports, the rest mainly for local consumption to get around import duty.  

North America: Plants in all three Nafta nations produce cars for the company, comprising 20% of all vehicles made. 

Europe: Not as many cars made here as should be? Five countries are involved as well although one will be dropping off I'd imagine. The lack of sales in the region would inhibit that. Smaller volumes cannot justify assembly costs.

Latin America: Growing numerically as market share gains are achieved. Two countries are involved in manufacturing. 

Africa: That is South Africa and not much else. That said, things are on the up, doubling it's contribution to world manufacturing in a short space of time. 

Data source: Toyota.

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