22 June 2022

Škoda India Model Sales : 2015-2022 (Jan-May)

Škoda sales remained modest and nothing much of note happened around here, with the Kodiaq the only change to the status quo. Market share was very consistent at 0.5%. 

Things finally took a turn for the better in 2021 with the introduction of the Kushaq, a small-medium crossover. It's similar to the VW Taigun also sold in India. Then the Rapid was replaced by the Slavia, smallish sized saloon car shared with VW as the Virtus. 

The good news for Škoda is that the market share has jumped to 1.5% so far in 2022. That's the highest it's been. Still a tiny percentage but where the brand is positioned here it's quite a good result. 

The earlier article in the two part series is found here: 2010-2014

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