18 April 2021

Rolls Royce Global Model Sales : 2019-20

With Bentley managing to limit its production downturn to 14% in 2020, Rolls Royce surprised a little with a 26% drop in sales. In comparison to the industry generally, that wasn't a bad result but my expectations were perhaps half of that. The good news is in the first quarter of 2021, 1,380 sales were made, up 62% on the 2020 equivalent and the best first-quarter figure in the company's history. 

The Cullinan SUV made up nearly 60% of all sales in 2020 so the ultra-premium SUV is a very important segment to be participating in. The Wraith grand tourer and its companion Dawn convertible held up well but the Phantom and Ghost models less so. 

It is said that Henry Royce had an instinctive desire for perfection and wished to take the best that exists and make it better. That certainly is an ethos that still drives the Rolls Royce company today. 

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