04 February 2021

China Passenger Car Sales : 2020

The Changan CS75 was the 9th most popular

With total sales -6% for the YTD (according to the data I have), the good news for carmakers is that things are going well. In the figures below, imported car sales are ignored. That doesn't affect local brands obviously, and of the overseas brands, the larger ones make virtually all their cars in China. 

Smaller brands that rely mainly on imports are disadvantaged but those that fully import are not even listed. There is no point in adding imported sales to the list unless it is for all imports and I don't have access to such data in full detail.

Longstanding leader VW is still well ahead but down 16% with its share going from 14.6% to 13.1%. Toyota is on the move, up from 6.6% to 7.7% but couldn't catch Honda.

Chery is having a renaissance

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