06 March 2012

Older Cars Where I Live

I was on my bike yesterday around the town I live and I took my camera. Well, I came across three old cars. I took snaps of them and here they are:

A 1957 Ford Prefect. A mild climate and a not too strict warrant of fitness regime means as long as they are reasonably maintained, you can have one. Something different. This is the 100E model and it was made from 1953 to 1959. A total of 100,554 were produced produced according to Wiki. That's just over 16,500 per annum, not large numbers.

1939 Austin 10.According to Wiki: It was launched in 1932 and was Austin's best-selling car in the 1930s and continued in production, with upgrades, until 1947.
I haven't seen them around that I recall, so I was thinking it was fortuitous that my camera was at the ready.
Apparently 290,000 were made in total in the fifteen odd years they were made. I was amazed to think that the '10' was the best seller for the brand but on average less than 20,000 were made per year.

1964 Bond Equipe GT. Just when I though that was as good as it could get, the pièce de résistance. According to the official Bond car website, only 4,389 Equipe were ever made. I didn't know there were so many model variants or I would have taken greater note of what this one was.
Now drawing on Wiki
"The original Equipe, the GT, was based on the Triumph Herald chassis with a fastback fibreglass body and also utilised further Triumph parts including the windscreen / scuttle assembly, and doors. The September 1964 GT4S model saw revisions to the body with twin headlights and an opening rear boot. It was powered by the same, mildly tuned up Herald-based 1147 cc engine used in the Triumph Spitfire".
So the twin headlamps then suggest the GT4S model of which 1,934 were produced. One of them made it down to New Zealand and still in use. I noticed the seats needed reupholstering but overall in good condition.

Quite a mix of older cars. Nice to see people still value this sort of vehicle.

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