24 March 2012

L Rover - 25 Years In The USA: Summary (Part 3)

When Land Rover came to the US, sales were modest. That was to be expected as the Range Rover model that was the entire range was trailblazing the luxury SUV category. With that segment gaining popularity and new models being added, the marque accelerated in the mid 90's. Today Land Rover has a strong following in the country, and the US is a very important market for it.

Below is a summary of sales for each model and the total figure, the average sales per year and the number of years is in brackets (in the case of the Evoque, months).

Disco 248,200 (13,8 – 18y)
R Rover 185,300 (7,4 – 25y)
RR Sp 99,100 (14,2 – 7y)
Freelan 59,600 (6,0 – 10y)
Defendr 6,600 (1,3 – 5y)
Evoque 3,600 (9,1 – 4mth)
Total 602,000 (24,1 – 25y)

LR just passed the 600k milestone in 25 years, so a fine result. The Evoque for now will add to the success and later the new Defender. The RR Sport however, looks set to continue being a top seller in the range.

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