02 November 2021

Serbia Sales: 2021 (Jan-Sep)

Registrations for September were +11% and +18% YTD so a strong performance is maintained. The '+/-' column below is comparing market share variance for nine months of 2021 with a full 2020. 

┼ákoda is well in front and extending its lead. That was probably helped by Renault pulling back, which it is doing elsewhere and Ford is of the same mind. Fiat is well placed at second and Toyota moved up three places with a  27% gain in share. As for the rest, there's plenty of shuffling going on.


  1. Wow. This country has the size of Slovakia, once a relevant power, these sales figures are quite sad...

  2. It's not a prosperous country but there's more to life than affluence. Apparently the more you have materially, the less you smile. Maybe that's why I'm so happy.