13 October 2021

Land Rover Global Sales : 2021 (Jan-Sep)

Global registrations for the first three quarters of 2021 are (drum roll) 268,867. The better selling models are not that far apart within the range. Most brands have a couple of strong models only. 

The Evoque was the biggest selling of the range last year but this will surely change in 2021. The new leader is the Defender. It contributed 23% of all registrations in Q3, which was 4,000 units more than any other model. So unless there is a sudden shift in volume, the Defender will prevail at the top. Its overall share has jumped from 9% to 19%. 

Supply is the main problem for the company at the moment. Prioritising the more profitable models will surely be the focus until normality returns, whatever that will be and whenever that will occur. 

The North America region remains the strongest for Land Rover. There is not much between the rest. Land Rover is popular across the globe as seen by the solid rest of the world figure. Considering the upheavals of late, Land Rover seems to have allocated stock carefully to maintain the status quo. 


  1. Thanks for that analysis - I had the benefit of a 1 day Land Rover Experience and got to drive the new Defender - its capability over all sorts of testing terrain remains awesome, and now its on road performance is great too. No surprise it is selling so well

    1. That would have been quite an experience. The Defender is a superbly executed vehicle.