14 October 2021

Jaguar Global Sales : 2021 (Jan-Sep)

For the first nine months of the 2021 calendar year, Jaguar sold 71,863 cars. If you count the i-Pace as an SUV, then they accounted for 65% of sales, saloon cars 28% and the solitary sports car 7%. 

The F-Pace sets the pace with 34% of sales, or a third of the total and well up on the 27% of last year. The E-Pace is at 21% of sales, down 2 percentage points from 2020. The i-Pace is down to 10% of the total, the F-Type up to 7%. 

With the semiconductor shortage, one can't see a strong end to the year. The more profitable models will be prioritised as the best way to handle the situation in a positive way for the company. 

In the regions, China is the leader and contributed close to 30% of the Q3 total. There isn't much between the four main regions although the spread has widened in 2021. Jaguar's global reach beyond those main regions / countries has fallen to just 8%. The UK is particularly disappointing but not unexpected.


  1. All I can see that Jag performs disastrously in all fronts, i.e. in all regions and with all models.
    I personally think that the brand has the best model range ever, and it certainly deserves more than that.
    I wonder what are the reasons, Jags were traditionally overpriced, and I recall the sudden shifts in concepts, like the XF II switching to a subpar interior from one of the Ist gen with one of the best interiors (they were trying to correct this though).

    At the same time, since all the political mess, I do not even feel the urge to start asking offers from Jag.

  2. Jaguar aren't biug enough to be on enough shopping lists. They are improving their interiors as you noted. The range deserves better success but premium buyers rarely think outside the square, which makes it a challenging area of the market for smaller players to be in.