21 February 2021

Nissan UK Production : 2018-19 (By Model)

I just came across 2019 UK production for Nissan and Infiniti. It tells a story of a company pulling back on volume and refocusing on creating a more compact business strategy. The former has got many a car company into financial strife. 

In 2018, the output at the Sunderland plant was 442,000 and in 2019 346,500. The 2020 figure is 246,000, obviously hampered by the coronavirus. I haven't got the 2020 breakdown by model, in case you're wondering why it isn't on the chart below.  

Back to what we do know, the Qashqai (the new 2021 model is pictured above) added up to three out of four cars coming off the assembly line in 2019. The Juke and Leaf basically made up the rest with the Infiniti Q30 in production runout mode. 

In 2020, a new Juke model came out so that would have changed the model mix somewhat. Then in early to mid-2021, the new Qashqai as shown above is available. If 2021 isn't disrupted too much, then things may be on the up in 2021 at the plant in the North East of England. Some local support wouldn't go amiss either. 

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