19 May 2020

UK Regional Penetration 2019 : VW & Audi

If you are in South East England and are buying a new car,
this would be a more than suitable purchase suggestion

The UK is a very successful export market for the VW company. The VW brand commands 8.7% of total sales and Audi nearly 6%. Both are hugely well received in the South East of England, taking the top two sales spots there. It makes one realise that many car buyers are more than happy to support a morally questionable company.

Adding to the 1 -2 placings of VW in the SE region, Mercedes is third, turning the area into Little Germany. In other news, the VW brand does well in Northern Ireland and Scotland, not something I was expecting.

Below is a chart that has the UK divided into regions (England) and countries that show how the two VW brands are going reguionally. It also has a ratio number by which the chart is sorted. The higher the ratio, the further up the chart. The three countries each have a different colour and the England divisions are green.


Region Sales 1:1000

South East England 55,785 114.2

Northern Ireland 5,584 109.1

Scotland 17,003 95.7

East Midlands 15,398 93.7

North East England 6,054 88.1

Wales 6,932 86.5

North West England 19,158 81.4

London 14,744 79.7

South West England 20,789 76.4

West Midlands 16,821 71.3

Yorkshire & Humber 12,734 67.8

East England 15,182 67.6

Total 206,184 87.0

Audi seems to do well in areas when other German premiums do not. BMW is not strong in South East England, Audis happy place. However, BMW is top in Yorks & Humberside but not good for Audi. Mercedes is the best selling brand in the South West of England, but Audi ownership would virtually be distained there it seem.


Region Sales 1:1000

South East England 44,313 90.7

North West England 18,973 80.6

London 9,113 57.0

Scotland 9,501 53.5

East England 11,509 51.2

North East England 3,334 48.5

West Midlands 10,830 45.9

Yorkshire & Humber 8,534 45.4

Northern Ireland 2,187 42.7

East Midlands 6,912 42.1

Wales 3,293 41.1

South West England 11,035 40.6

Total 139,534 59.5

Data source: DTI.

Oops, wrong marque. Oh well

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