17 May 2020

UK Regional Penetration 2019 : Jaguar & Land Rover

There is nothing more iconic that is connected to the UK car industry than the marques Jaguar and Land Rover. The British may prefer BMWs and Audis, but that's not the point. People outside of the UK buy them in part due to what those brands mean, Britishness. As for the locals, do regional purchasing statistics give us any insights into the attitudes and tastes of regions?

Below are two charts that have the UK divided into regions (England) and countries. This shows how the JLR marques fare regarding sales numbers. It also has a ratio number by which the chart is sorted. The higher the ratio, the further up the chart. The UK ratio is 15.8 per thousand for Jaguar and 40.4 for Land Rover. The three countries each have a different colour and the England divisions are green.

The West Midlands could be described as the home of these brands so no surprise that these are the top in each instance. Both Northern Ireland and Wales are the bottom in both instances, but that follows for other premium marques as well so not unexpected.

South East England seems a good hunting ground for JLR, with a combined tally of 51.1 sales per 1,000, until you realise Mercedes achieves 107.1, BMW 96.7 and Audi 90.7. Obviously supporting local manufacturers is of little interest to the folk in the region that is surrounding London. At least Scotland does well for both marques.


Region Sales 1:1000

West Midlands 7,991 31.3

South East England 8,715 17.8

Scotland 2,908 16.4

South West England 6,780 14.9

London 2,122 13.3

North East England 889 12.9

North West England 3,012 12.8

East Midlands 1,911 11.6

Yorkshire & Humber 2,084 11.1

East England 2,258 10.1

Wales 764 9.5

Northern Ireland 471 9.2

Total 39,905 15.8

Land Rover

Region Sales 1:1000

West Midlands 15,979 67.7

South East England 16,457 33.7

Scotland 5,941 33.4

London 5,055 31.6

Yorkshire & Humber 5,774 30.7

East England 6,799 30.3

North West England 6,704 28.5

South West England 6,780 24.9

East Midlands 4,064 24.7

North East England 1,556 22.6

Northern Ireland 1,137 22.2

Wales 1,741 21.7

Total 77,987 33.2

So while sales are reasonable for the home market, they are so far off where they could be. It's clear that not many in the UK equate buying domestic and the benefit to the local economy as a whole. I've read that the British understand the cost of everything but the value of nothing. That is so true.

Data source: DTI.

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