05 March 2015

Australia / NZ Premium Marque Comparison 2014

Kiwis love the MINI

New Zealand and Australia are close in many ways. Many car makers view them as one market and only a few brands sell in one market and not the other. In this comparison, these makes are omitted. Data comes from VFACTS (Aus) and MIA (NZ). The Australian total vehicle market (including all commercial vehicles) is 8.7 sales for every vehicle sold in NZ. That ratio becomes the benchmark as to which brands are more popular in either country.

Premium brands: Infiniti sells in Australia (441 units) and not NZ but otherwise all other premium marques are the same in both nations. Green shows which models are more popular in NZ and yellow Australia. Australians buy many more of this sort of vehicle. I was very surprised by the MINI figure, as I was Lexus. MINI is only 4.5 times more popular in Australia, when the average is 8.7. Lexus is 12.6 times more often sold in Australia's favour, well over the average.

Brand Aus NZ Ratio

MINI 2,570 569 4.5

Maserati 400 71 5.6

Audi 19,227 2,075 9.3

Jaguar 1,167 122 9.6

Porsche 2,812 289 9.7

BMW 22,722 2,132 10.7

Alfa Romeo 2,498 231 10.8

Volvo 4,693 421 11.1

Land Rover 10,106 885 11.4

Mercedes 31,895 2,596 12.3

Lexus 7,000 557 12.6

Lotus 71 3 23.7

Aussies like Lexus more

Luxury marques: Amazingly there is a sudden swing in NZ's favour in this category. Every luxury marque has a stronger ratio in NZ! Kiwis indulge themselves in super luxury for whatever reason. That Mclaren figure is unbelievable for NZ. If you want to see the only Mclaren NZ dealership, simply click here and have a look around. So while premium goes to Australia, NZ takes the uber luxury title.

Brand Aus NZ Diff

McLaren 20 16 1.3

Morgan 16 9 1.8

Lamborghini 27 10 2.7

Bentley 135 26 5.2

Aston Martin 107 20 5.4

Rolls Royce 39 7 5.6

Ferrari 113 15 7.5

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