18 February 2012

USA / Canada Sales By Brand Comparison: 2011

Canucks like their Dodge Rams...

The USA and Canada are very close nations. Accents and culture have a strong similarity. How about car buying preferences by brand?

To start, the US has 89% of North American sales and Canada 11%. The figure after the brand name below is the percentage the brand achieves over or under the average, Canada being the reference country. For example Ram makes 20.4% of its North American sales in Canada, but Canada only has 11% of North American sales. The 20.4% figure is 85% up on 11%. That is the method I have used to show the variances.

US Brands:

Stronger in Canada were Ram (+85%), Dodge (+66%) and GMC (+40%). Poor sellers in Canada were Chrysler (-42%), Chev (-29%) and Jeep (-16%).

Asian Brands:

Canadians liked Mazda (+96%), Mitsubishi (+87%), Suzuki (+58%) and Hyundai (+51%). Not so popular north of the border compared to the US were Nissan (-31%), Scion (-21%) Subaru (-17%), Toyota (-15%) and Honda (-14%).

Premium Brands:

The only ones with more share in Canada were Fiat (+94%) and Audi (+14%). All the others were bigger in the USA. The worst of sellers in Canada were Cadillac
(-57%), Maserati and Bentley (-47%), Jaguar (-46%), Lexus (-43%), Infiniti (-40%), Porsche (-36%) and Land Rover (-29%).

Some points to note:

Canadians like big vehicles like Ram, Dodge and GMC. US citizens like mainstream Japanese brands such as Toyota, Nissan and Honda. Premium brands are much more popular in the USA. There were a few surprises for me.

...while they much prefer Cadillac stateside.

For the entire list, better selling in Canada from the top, and better selling in the US from the bottom up:

Mazda 96%
Fiat 94%
Mitsubishi 87%
Ram 85%
Dodge 66%
Suzuki 58%
Hyundai 51%
GMC 40%
VW 26%
Audi 14%
Kia 7%
Ford 4%
Ferrari 2%
Acura 0%
BMW -3%
Mercedes -4%
Honda -14%
Toyota -15%
Jeep -16%
Volvo -17%
Subaru -17%
Scion -21%
MINI -26%
Chevolet -29%
Land Rover -29%
Nissan -31%
Porche -36%
Infiniti -40%
Chrysler -42%
Lexus -43%
Jaguar -46%
Bentley -47%
Maserati -47%
Cadillac -57%

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