21 June 2022

Škoda India Model Sales : 2010-2014

Škoda has been selling cars in India since 2003 and gradually climbed to reach a 1% market share by 2008. Not a large amount by any stretch but it's also not a brand that sells the sort of cars that are common in India. Did things get any better in the years that have followed? We take up the story from 2010.

To add to the medium sized Octavia, the large Superb and the compact Fabia hatchback (picture right) came the small Yeti 5-door SUV model. Market share remained the same as in 2009 at 0.8%. 

2012: The small-medium sized Rapid sedan came along late in 2011 and by 2012 sales had climbed rapidly. It accounted for two thirds of Škoda sales but other models weren't exactly pulling their weight. 

1.2% share was reached but was down to 0.6% in 2014. Škoda was never going to be a huge selling brand but they had hoped a model like the Fabia would have been better received. It was discontinued in 2014 due to poor sales. 

The other article in the series is: 2015-22.

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