22 February 2023

USA Sales : 2022

This article has been updated as further research showed that some of the data from reputable sources wasn't as accurate as I had expected. 

Registrations change from source to source so the list below should be viewed as indicative of what happened but not absolute. Some of the brands, especially the smaller selling ones are estimates, obvious with rounded figures. 

Sales were down 8% according to my data. The '+/- diff' column below is for market share change so small increases in that column would have been a slight reduction in sales.

Ford was unable to regain its top nameplate ranking from 2020, although it's close at the top. Toyota lost some of its buffer but did enough to be number one again.  

Early in the year, the VW Group had a ship coming to the US that sank due to a fire on board. Nearly 4,000 cars are now luxury condos for the local fish. There were around 1,900 Audis, 1,100 Porsches, 500 Volkswagens, 189 Bentleys, and 85 Lamborghinis on the ship. 

New brands (usually electric) are starting to appear at the bottom of the list such as Rivian (very top picture) and Lucid (pictured above left). Going from a great idea to successful production is no mean feat, something they all know now if they didn't before. Chinese brands have been prioritising a move to electric cars so I wonder when will take the plunge and come to the US? 

Data source: Various. 

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