30 January 2022

Toyota Brand European Model Sales : 2020-21

In a challenging environment, the Toyota brand managed to increase sales in Europe by 9%. Most of the gain came in the form of two new models (ProAce City & Yaris Cross) and another having its first full year (Highlander). The Yaris Cross will be stronger in 2022 with a full year of sales in front of it. The semiconductor shortage is an unknown quantity but will affect volume to some degree.

Toyota's success is helped by its vigorous adoption of hybrid technology. Interestingly, the company has not been active in the full electric (BEV) scene because it feels battery storage isn't as yet efficient enough. That said, it is working on improved solid state batteries and is moving to BEV cars. 

The percentage of hybrid cars in the Toyota range moved from 51% to 55% over the past year. Considering some models (such as the Aygo) don't offer that option, that is a high percentage for those models that do. The C-HR was 98% hybrid in 2021, Corolla hatch and tourer 96%, Yaris Cross 95%. The standard Yaris 80%, Highlander 75%, Corolla sedan 55% and RAV4 54%. The Camry was only 20% which surprised me. 

Europe has been a tough nut for Toyota to crack. The locals like cars that excite and that is something the brand hasn't been doing. Reliability alone wasn't enough. The company is working on that and more car buyers in the region are now satisfied they aren't about reliable motoring alone. 

Data source: Toyota Group.

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