18 September 2021

Pictures Explained (3)

This young man is gingerly testing autonomous braking. He doesn't seem to realise there needs to be a driver and forward motion. 

This car has active cruise control. I had to look this up as I couldn't understand the Danish caption. I think the 'Recharge Yourself' banner refers to the electric propulsion, not the cabbage and bean combo. 

I don't know if this car is brave or foolhardy but it has been warned. 

When it comes to popularity, some models run hot and cold. This one has certainly been through both. I presume the owner will be gutted though. 

The last person to remove his hand wins the car. It's down to the last two hardly souls. The adjudicator is on 'hand' to make sure the rules are being adhered to. 

For the others in the series, simply click the links below:

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