23 May 2021

Scotland Passenger Car Sales : 2020

Social distancing in action with the Nissan Juke Car Club

                                                                                                                                  The top 30 makes are tabulated for the whole of the UK, then listed by region. This means the list may not be a top 30 for everyone. So below are the 30 best selling UK brands and this is how those brands sold in Scotland. The UK total sales were -29% for the year so -28% was about the same.

Green shows an increase (just three), purple fewer sales but market share gain and yellow negative on both counts. Ford displaced Vauxhall from the top in 2019 and Ford maintained its position into 2020. It wasn't a great year for the top three. Toyota had a good year all things considered. I think it's safe to say Jeep isn't in the top 30. 

Data source: DTI UK.

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