28 June 2014

Finland Top 4 Brands : 1956-59

Moskvitch 402. Cars have come a long way since then

I have car sales for the land of lakes that go back to 1956, thanks to Autoalan Tiedotuskeskus. Things were fluid back then, with brands up and down quite dramatically. There were also some different brands around too.

In the chart below, 'Moskv' stands for Moskvitch which basically means Moscovite. They were a solid car made for tough Russian roads and sold well back at this time, often with a waiting lists for their cars. GAZ was a Russian car named the M20, or as in Finland the Pobeda. Another unusual name is the 'Wartb' or Wartburg. They were a car made in East Germany in Eisenach where the Wartburg castle is situated.
Sales back then in Finland were about 20,000 per annum, with just under 15,000 in 1958.

Year 1st 2nd 3rd 4th
1956 Moskv 4,066 GAZ 2,835 Škoda 1,918 VW 1,873
1957 Moskv 4,803 Škoda 4,785 VW 1,636 Wartb 1,364
1958 VW 2,545 Ford 1,196 Fiat 1,155 Peug 1,100
1959 Moskv 3,570 Škoda 2,879 VW 1,998 Fiat 1,153

GAZ M20 or the Pobeda. Stylish for its day

Data source: Thanks to Autolan Tiedotuskeskus.
For other decades: 1960-69, 1970-79, 1980-89, 1990-99, 2000-09. and 2010-19.
Pobeda picture: Wiki/nailgun
Moskvitch picture: Wiki

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