21 March 2015

Russia / Poland Premium Brand Comparison 2014

Alfa Romeo not really wanted in Russia

The difference in size of the markets is unsurprisingly sizable 1:6.7, or for every 100 cars/LCVs sold in Poland 669 were in Russia. So any cars that are under that ratio are favoured in Poland (pale blue), while preference in Russia is for a make with 6.7 or higher (yellow).

Many of the luxury marques such as Bentley and Ferrari are not published by AEB, the Russian agency that releases data so they cannot be included. Like the mainstream side, Italy does better in Poland as do all the German makes. Also again, all the Asian marques do better in Russia. What is different is how Jaguar and Land Rover is heavily favoured in Russia, which is a quite a departure from any other European make. However, Porsche is just on the Polish side. Acura and Cadillac are big sellers in Russia but not seen in Poland.

Brand Russia Poland Ratio

Alfa Romeo 96 756 0.1

MINI 1,750 901 1.9

Volvo 15,421 5,834 2.6

BMW 35,504 7,714 4.6

Audi 34,014 7,014 4.8

Mercedes 60,185 10,657 5.6

Porsche 4,707 708 6.6

Jaguar 1,628 178 9.1

Lexus 19,149 1,722 11.1

Infiniti 8,983 411 21.9

Land Rover 21,148 803 26.3

Acura 1,106

Cadillac 1,324

Data source: AEB Russia and Carmarket.com in Poland.

The Range Rover Evoque enjoying a night out sightseeing

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