04 July 2024

Swiss Passenger Car Sales : 2024 (Jan-Jun)

Registrations were down 10% in June and also down 2% YTD. VW remains top as it has since 1999 when it took over from Opel. Opel is currently 20th so quite a fall over the intervening years. VW may also be bumped off soon by BMW which was only three units short of that number one spot. 

Audi is down when most better selling ones are in the green and Ford too is suffering. Cupra is just the Formentor and Born models which isn't all they sell but all I have data for. The ones unknown are under SEAT. AS that is the same criteria as 2023, the drop in Cupra sales volume is comparing like for like. I don't know when Auto Swiss will process Cupra as a separate brand.

Top selling models were the Tesla Y (3,829), ┼ákoda Octavia (3,423), BMW X1 (2,196), VW Tiguan (2,180) and the Mercedes GLC (2,156). 

Data source: Auto Swiss.

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