14 January 2022

Germany Top 50 Sales By Model : 2021

With total sales down 10%, and a million units fewer than 2019, some of the numbers are sobering for manufacturers. I colour coded the list to show where brands historically originated. From that we see overwhelming support for Euro brands, especially any that are connected with Germany. 

Tesla got close to the top ten with its Model 3 but it may get one up there in 2022. It now has a factory in Germany so another brand with a local connection to support. Hyundai did well with the Kona and Ford with the Kuga. With the Focus falling from 4th to 35th, a model is needed to step up to the plate.

The MINI Hatch should be on the list but as the source releases sales as a total rather than breakdown the model variants, I had to leave it off the list. The Hatch is the most popular of the range and probably achieved around 20,000 registrations.

Point of interest: The VW Golf secured 211,500 registrations in 2019 but only 91,600 in 2021. The chip shortage had an effect but there is no denying it is in sharp decline. As a point of reference, over the same period, the T-Roc has maintained its volume. 

Data source: KBA.

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