14 January 2022

Italy Sales : 2021

Registrations for December were -28% and +6% in 2021. With few brands increasing last month, it's clearly hard to meet demand while the chip shortage remains. To add some perspective to the data, the '+/-' column below is comparing market share variance for 2021 with 2020.

When that system is applied, one can easily see those who are making progress in increasing their slice of the pie. Fiat is just holding its own, VW fell back and Toyota moved to third. Renault is clearly pulling back on volume, a contrasting stance to the Carlos Ghosn era. Ford is giving up on passenger cars. 

Point of interest: Electric cars were up over 500% but still only reached 4.6% penetration. Hybrid (+300%) with 34% share is clearly the preferred option over full electric, as it would be for me. Petrol (-49%) took 30%, diesel was down nearly 60% but still has 23% share, Methane (-19%) 2% was minimal.


  1. Alfa 6000 cars even in Italy? This is insanely thin...
    This is like the endgame...

  2. The new entity Stellantis that owns Alfa has said AR will an all electric brand by 2027 so a future is planned fir it. In the meantime it suffers from a limited and aging range of cars.