14 January 2022

Bentley Deliveries By Model : 2020-21

Bentley Recorded a 31% increase in deliveries in 2021. There are just three models now and that seems to be working. Perhaps less choice is better, then the time saves can be used specifying options. We'll look briefly at models and then regions. 

Models: The Bentayga achieved 40% of volume and a 41% increase which outpaced the marque as a whole. One in five of the model are hybrids. The new Flying Spur also did exceptionally well with close to a 50% upswing. 

Regions: The Americas and China are the two biggest markets and they recorded the largest increases. They took 56% of the cars which is good to see the demand but the more balanced the spread of sales the better. That said, all regions were up and all experienced double digit growth.  

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