22 October 2021

Electric Vans

Electric vans that travel within a confined area, doing a daily mileage not too demanding are an ideal fit for electric propulsion. I'm surprised more haven't gone that way but the initial cost of purchase is probably a major factor in that. If a van requires a heavy payload, then fossil fuel vans again are the better bet. So what are some of the benefits of an electric van? 

Rebates. Depending on the country, there are incentives to entice buyers.

Running costs. Fewer moving parts should mean a lower maintenance cost and more reliable. Electric is cheaper than fossil fuel.

Image. Being able to claim a clean fleet of vehicles is a big plus.

Charging. It can be done at the end of the day at the place where the van sits while not in use. 

Workplace environment. For a driver spending all day in a van, it's a more serene place to be so less stressful. 

Ease of use. They have instant torque so nippy in traffic and with no gears, it's simpler to drive as well. Just accelerate or brake.

Future proofing. Depends on where you live but if restrictions are put in place to disadvantage vehicles based on emissions, then that one is already sorted. 

Summary. They are not the ideal solution for all van operators but for those doing work suited to such a van then they are a serious alternative to be considered.

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