13 September 2021

Russia - Lada vs Korea : 2010-21

The battle for control of the Russian car market has been quietly fought over the past dozen years. Since being acquired by Renault, the local brand went from an inefficient company to a much leaner one. Sales fell and the possibility was it would continue a downward trajectory. 

Two Korean brands had been making their way up the sales charts and since 2015, these have been consistently the top three selling marques. From 2011 to 2014, Lada was losing sales while the two pretenders were gaining them. After that, the gap between them was maintained and in 2021 seems to be widening. I have added sales to what a full year may look like in 2021 assuming what was sold until the end of August continues at the same rate. 

The Lada fightback has been impressive, the rationalisation proving its worth. In addition, Lada will from now on work closely with Dacia. Both are at the budget end of the market so surely will benefit from synergies achieved through this collaboration. 

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