11 October 2021

Czech Rep Sales : 2021 (Jan-Sep)

Registrations for September were -16% but +9% YTD. There is a possibility that the positive YTD date will evaporate before 2020 arrives. The '+/-' column below is comparing market share variance for nine months of 2021 with a full 2020. 

Local brand Škoda had a  rise in registrations but not enough to maintain its share, which slipped 6%. It's still so far ahead, it isn't a big issue though. For an open market, Škoda has an enormous slice of the pie. It's not even locally owned either, not that such a thing is of importance. It would be in one other country I can think of.

Because such a dominant brand as Škoda fell, it created a lot of green shading so that most brands improved their share. They will all be hoping for further reduction for the said brand to give some additional respite. 

Data source: SDA.

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