13 February 2021

JLR Historical Sales Graph : 2010-2020

How has the last decade gone for Jaguar & Land Rover? Overall a success but it may not feel like that. Back in 2010, sales of Land Rover were about 180,000 and Jaguar 50,000. With an expanding product portfolio and China booming, sales peaked in 2017, with Land Rover nudging 450,000 units and Jaguar 180,000. 

Things changed. Diesel sales in Europe were hit after the VW fiasco and sales in China crumbled. Now the virus in 2020 and volumes are well down on their peak. However, they are still ahead of sales even a decade ago, thanks to an expanded range. 

Profit is more the focus for many manufacturers and JLR is progressing well in that department. Chasing volume is risky and costly when it isn't sustained. Numerical growth should be achieved in a restrained way. Otherwise one can end up with a boom and bust scenario. 


  1. I miss the link between the parts where sales are falling and the profitability increases. I always thought that manufacturers need sales to recover development costs.

    The macroeconomic and political developments might also play an important role in my view.

    One of the few opportunities of Brexit could have been the drop in the value of the Pound boosting sales, but the opposite has happened.

    Also the January sales seem especially frightening. A further drop in sales, its almost like Saab 2009...

  2. Hi Zoldfulu. The link between sales volumes and profit is a fine line. If margins are increased and sales don't drop too much, it creates more profit.